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Review: Big Dawg’s Garlic-Onion Dip Mix and Chipotle Dip Mix

Dips for Dips: Review of Big Dawg Fire Department’s Garlic-Onion Dip Mix and Chipotle Dip Mix

Big Dawg Dip Mixes

Garlic Onion Dip Mix
Garlic powder, onion flakes, onion powder, sea salt, and other spices.
Chipotle Dip MixChipotle flakes, garlic powder, Paprika, sea salt MSG (monosodium Glutamate), and other spices.

Here in Wisconsin (state motto: “Hey America, Come Smell Our Dairy Air!”) its fall, which means all things vital to the survival of our fair people is stopped. Yes, it is that time of year when reasonable men and women lose their minds so they can worship at the altar of Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers. I’m being serious here, Wisconsinites lose their minds. Sample every-day conversation: Person A-“So did you here that Congress is going to outlaw the use of vowels when used in reference to driving laws?”. Person B-“But did you see Farve in the fourth quarter?? Is he God or what???”.

What sucks for me is that I’m a bartender, and I deal with idiots like that every Sunday. What doesn’t suck is the best way to shut them up is with food, and Big Dawg Fire Department makes it easy with these two dip mixes. All you do is mix the mix with two cups sour cream, stir, refrigerate overnight, and then tell everybody the next day you made it from scratch. And this stuff is good. The Garlic-Onion tastes strong on the garlic, which helps keep the Packer-heads out of your personal space, and I love when people use sea salt. Sea salt brings out the natural flavor of other foods, like regular salt, but doesn’t have that overly salty flavor itself. A bit of warning: the garlic-onion flavor will linger for a while (read: hours).

Big Dawg Dip Mixes
Chipotle Dip Mix

The Chipotle dip mix was surprisingly strong on heat. When you consider that sour cream is so dairy fat heavy, you would think that the heat would be stifled, but it is detectable, and really takes a drunken football fan by force. The flavor was there, with the sea salt doing its job again, and unlike its Garlic-Onion counterpart didn’t linger. And I was putting the chipotle dip on everything from chips and pretzels to fresh veggies and cheese&crackers. So unlike Packer fans, this dip can multi-task (ha!).

Big Dawg Dip Mixes
Garlic Onion Dip Mix

Overall these are both fun things to have in your pantry, and at $3.00 a pop, affordable, too. So let’s go to the scoreboard for my Five Point Scale-
Appearance: Touchdown! Good graphics with fire-fighting facts on the back of the label.
Taste: Touchdown! Makes sour cream taste palpable again.
Heat: Field goal (for Chipotle only). Its detectable for seasoned vets, killer for rookies.
Over-all: Touchdown! These dips are ones for the books. Easy to make, easy to use, easy to acquire. Get some.

So until next time, treat every meal like it was your last. And to all you Packer fans out there remember: I’m from Wisconsin, too, and I’m only ribbing you and your un-dying fanaticism for our home state team. I wish you all and your team well, and always remember: the Bears beat the Pack. Go Bears!

Big Dawg Fire Department
P.O. Box 821623 North Richland Hills, TX. 76182.

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