Posted March 12, 2006 by huvason in Makers

Review: Blair’s Death Rain Nitro

Blair's Death Rain NitroLabel Description – “Beyond Hottest”

Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Natural Pepper Flavor (Contains Soybean Oil), Habanero Powder, Ancho Powder, Spices.

From Blair’s Site: “FOR THE MANIAC IN YOUR LIFE OR YOU…The Hottest Dry Spice Ever….Nitro is here..BLOW YOUR SKULL OFF HOT” and “This is Mad…Blair has made his Mega Death Sauce in a Dry form. This 1.5 oz Shaker Bottle is Full of Hell…Pure Extract has been Sprayed on Habanero Powder …Feel Alive and Good luck

Handle with Extreme Caution. Also product is sensitive to Sunlight and Temperatures over 86f. Product could harden under those conditions”

Appearance: DEEP Red in color. Looks like dried Mega Death!

Smell: Pure Habanero Smell. Definitely clears the sinuses!

Heat: 9.0/10.0 (tough to rate as I like REAL hot stuff). Consistent, immediate heat. My lips were still tingling 10 minutes after eating. Not sure why Blair added any additional spices, there is no way you can taste them!

Use: Tonight was meatloaf night. Usually I’ll break out my Jersey Death, and mix up a nice sauce, but tonight I broke out the NITRO. Be Careful when pouring. Like Clint pointed out in his Death Rain – Habanero review, when you open the top, there is no way to control the pour. If you are not careful, it will cover your food which was great for me because that’s exactly what I wanted.

Death Rain Nitro Opening

I probably over did it as it overpowered the food slightly, but it was good. Nice and hot. I can’t wait for grilling season to add this to my chicken/beef rub – I think it will make it fantastic. I wish I had given it to my wife to put IN the meatloaf. I think it would have been even better evenly distributed through the meat.

Death Rain Nitro Meatloaf

Closing: Definitely a keeper and a must for all – not just one bottle either! I had been using simple ground habanero to add to my food. That bottle is going bye-bye, and will be replaced by NITRO. It’s also small enough to carry around so you can use it when you go out (although I am a little nervous to try that as it may open – and then FORGET IT!). I think I’ll find a new container, and then I’ll have it with me where ever I go.