Posted December 17, 2005 by John in Reviews

Review: Blair’s Mega Death Hot Sauce

It’s an Early Christmas at my house, thanks to a just arrived package from Sweat ‘N Spice! I was like a little kid when it arrived at the door.

Hot Sauces from Sweat 'N Spice

Immediately, my attention went to Blair’s Mega Death Hot Sauce. This was a purchase for myself amid some holiday shopping, and I was eager to try it – a new level of heat for me at 550,000 scovilles, and a hotter opportunity to “feel alive“.

Blair's Mega Death

The Mega Death bottle looks pretty impressive. In addition to the mandatory skull key chain, the label is a very nifty hologram design. I’m not normally one to rave about packaging, but this one stands out as excellent.

Red Habanero Pods, Cayenne chilies, White vinegar, Natural pepper flavor, Ancho chilies, chipotle chilies, Molasses, Guava Nectar, Fresh Ginger, Salt, Spices

On First Taste
Giving proper respect to the heat of the sauce, I tried my first sample on a piece of cheese, in case I was getting in over my head. The flavor of the sauce, as to be expected, was dominated by the familiar taste of Blair’s extract, which is as palatable an extract I’ve found. This lacked the complexity of flavor I found in Blair’s Sudden Death, but more than made up for it with roaring heat, which certainly didn’t disappoint. Owing mostly to the cheese, the heat faded quickly and I was left with the pleasant feeling of a slight mist of sweat on the brow.

Blair's Mega Death

Braver after the first test, I applied a dollop of Mega Death to a cracker and had at it. This time the uncut heat blazed a torrid path though my mouth, holding on and building for a couple minutes then lingering for a good while.

On Food
I really couldn’t think of a great use for Blair’s Mega Death on food. It’d be good as an additive to chili, or maybe mixed in with tomato soup. In any case, I was content to have a few more drop on pieces of cheese, and I think that’ll end up being my preferred medium when I feel the need to feel alive!

In Conclusion
I came to Blair’s Mega Death expecting fantastic heat and not much more, and I got what I expected. The heat was as advertised – intense. The flavor was, well, extract. I find the tomato based sauces offer more in the way of flavor, but the pure pepper base offers a more unadulterated heat. Not that I’ll be using it for a flavor enhancer, anyhow. It’s purely a capsaicin rush in a bottle.

Rating: 7.9 out of 10.0