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Review: Blair’s Q Heat, Habanero Mango

Habanero_mangoI have liked the old version of Blair’s Q Heat since the first time I tasted it. It’s my favorite salad dressing of all time, and a great dipping sauce for bread. For any Ann Arbor natives out there, it’s very similar to chipate [tag]hot sauce[/tag] but with a nice kick.

So, with the introduction of the new version, I had been lamenting the fact that I won’t be able to get one of my old favorites anymore. But, as with many things in life, as one door closes, another intriguing possibility opens.

Ingredients: Soybean Oil, purified water, fresh mango, cane sugar, habanero chilies, white vinegar, cayenne chilies, unsulphered molasses, citric acid, garlic powder and Vitamin C

Now, that’s a vastly superior ingredients list than the previous version – truly more of an exotic gourmet sauce, which is what Blair seems to be aiming for.

On First Taste
Habanero_Mango 2Blair’s updated Habanero Mango is much more alive than the old version. Fresh tasting and refreshing, the primary sensation is an enveloping sweetness mingled with the flavor of fresh orange habanero. The molasses, cane sugar and fruit blend together perfectly to create a harmonious sugary taste that is at once succulent and soft, a natural sweetness that’s a welcome departure from the tired norm of white sugar.

On Food
I gave Blair’s Habanero Mango a go on a breakfast sandwich, eggs and sausage on a croissant. The sauce poured well, stuck nicely to the eggs, and added terrific flavor. As with all the other Q Heats I’ve tried, this sauce begs to be used, used, and used some more. My meal ended up being more sauce than sandwich, and I loved every bite of it.

habanero_mango 1

In Conclusion
While the original Mango Habanero Q Heat won’t ever be replaced as a salad dressing in my book, the new look Habanero Mango Q Heat is overall better tasting and far more versatile. This is a sauce you can eat directly, put on top of virtually anything, or add as an ingredient to the most gourmet of dishes. I enjoy the entire Q Heat line, and this stands out as the clear winner of the group, and as another exception effort by Blair.

Overall Rating: 9.4 out of 10

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