Posted March 31, 2006 by John in Reviews

Review: CaJohn’s Fatalii Fire Hot Sauce

I’m just becoming acquainted with the fatalii pepper, aka the Yellow Devil’s Tongue. My only other exposure has been to fatalii powder, and I was looking forward to trying this blazing varietal in a sauce for the first time with CaJohn’s Fatalii Fire.

Ingredients: Fatalii chilies, vinegar, garlic, onion, black pepper, chile caribe, and a select blend of dehydrated vegetables

Nothing too fancy, just simple and straight to the point. That’s always a good sign when paired with a respected producer like CaJohn.

On First Taste
This sauce takes no prisioners from the first moment you open it. The smell is very strong, an incredibly aromatic blend of peppers, garlic and black pepper. And the first taste hits you like a jackhammer – an all enveloping pepper flavor. Then the heat hits you, and wham, you realize this isn’t a sauce to be taken lightly. The burn is pretty significant, rivaling the hotter of the non-extract sauces I’ve tried. And the burn lingers for a good while.

There is nothing subtle about CaJohn’s Fatalii Fire. If it were an animal, it’d be an 800 lb. gorilla, bashing you over the head with fresh fatalii peppers. And I loved every second of it. It’s really a chilihead’s delight, a simple, pure, powerful and hot exhibition of the fatalii pepper.

On Food
I had a very tough time coming up with a food to try Fatalii Fire on. The taste is so intense that I was pretty sure it would wash out the flavor of whatever I tried it on. This is not a complimentary sauce, to be paired with delicate cuisine. It’s an in your face, “here’s the peppers, bitch” kind of sauce, a sauce that dominates, a sauce to be experienced on it’s own merits.

I settled on take out Chinese food, and got an order or almond boneless chicken and an egg roll. The fatalii fire was a good change of pace on the egg roll, a much hotter substitute for my usual helping of hot mustard.

The Fatalii Fire certainly did dominate the taste of the meal, turning it from run of the mill Chinese take out to an intense, fire breathing, heavenly tasting dish with a demon’s heat. I quickly worked up a sweat, and kept piling on the sauce. No doubt, Fatalii Fire is quite the burner.

For the chilihead loving heat and intensity, CaJohn’s Fatalii Fire is an experience not to be missed. With ample heat and flavor to spare, it’ll give the most seasoned of pepper lovers a new and intense experience.

Overall Rating: 8.4 out of 10