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Review: CaJohn’s Lethal Ingestion Hot Sauce

You know when you get a voicemail that says “watch for a package” that there’s something going on. Just yesterday a fine package of hot sauces arrived on my door step and while the Ex was out teaching a class, I excitedly tore into the goodies inside. It’s often said in the chilehead world that the hottest things come in the smallest packages and this little bottle of sauce is no exception. Made with the same method as the Killer Cayenne – this little bottle of mayhem contains Fatalli Chiles, Red Savina Chiles, Bhut Jolokia Chiles, Vinegar & Natural Flavoring.

CaJohn's Lethal Ingestion Hot Sauce
Smell: Let’s just say, the next time you have a runny nose – get a bottle of this and give it a big whiff. And don’t expect to have any nose hairs remaining. It smells hot – it’s almost as if the bottle is radiating heat – but it’s a pure pepper smell. I smell the sweet & fruity Fatallis and Red Savinas and boy oh boy do they smell evil.

CaJohn's Lethal Ingestion Hot Sauce
On Food: This is as close to live reviewing as it can get as this sauce is going straight on my morning bagel. I missed the chance to try it at dinner so I thought I’d bring it in to give it a whirl. And judging from the smell – I’d better reschedule my afternoon.

CaJohn's Lethal Ingestion Hot Sauce
Just a few drops to start with – one drop per bite. Holy crap. One little drop of the sauce has lit me up. My tongue has started to sweat and my nose is running – no hiccup alarm yet though, so I’ll solider on. The heat from one little drop (no liquids) lasted a good 15-20 minutes. And when you take a second bite immediately after, the heat doesn’t just creep higher – it freaking leap frogs to the next level. Now my eyes are watering and I swear if an intern walks into my office right now, they’re going to think I’ve had a breakdown.

CaJohn's Lethal Ingestion Hot Sauce
All you get is pure pepper painSo the heat is melting my mouth – but how does it taste? What is left of my tongue can taste the Fatallis and perhaps a hint of the Red Savinas – but more importantly, what I don’t taste is any hint of that wretched extract flavor. With this sauce, all you get is pure pepper pain (goodness). Two bites & two drops has me in tears – but yet I want more. This is one sauce that all chileheads will love and even if you aren’t a “heat head” you’ll certainly appreciate the pure pepper flavor. The work that CaJohn & Jim are doing with these new sauces is simply amazing – can’t wait to give the others a try!

Good news for those going to Fiery-Foods this weekend – CaJohn will have these at the show for purchase & sample.

CaJohns Fiery Foods
2040 Oakland Park Avenue
Columbus, OH 43224

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