Posted January 10, 2008 by clint in Makers

Review: CaJohn’s Naga Soreass Hot Sauce

Naga Soreass
Bottle Description: Warning! This sauce is as vicious as the creature portrayed on the label! It’s a tasty blend, made with the World’s two hottest chiles This raptoreque elizir will devour your tastebuds, leave a fiery trail through your system and bite once more when leaving. Watch Out! It could leave you with a SoreAss.

Ingredients: Chiles (red Savina, Naga Jolokia), vinegar, onion, tomatoes, lemon juice, garlic, salt, spices.

Container: Very fierce dinosaur. RAR! I didn’t get the Soreass part of the title until I read the description. Soreass get it? Like dino-SAUR except SORE-ASS! If this sauce were on the shelves I’d have a hard time telling what this was. No mention of the peppers used in this sauce or that it is hot. To be honest if I had no prior knowledge of the sauce I might pass it up.

Appearance: This sauce has the Cajon’s look. The pepper mash is clearly visible and you can tell there is a ton of chiles in this sauce. Looks like an orangey brown concoction of mash peppers.

Smell: Vinegary but there’s also the strong punch of peppers. The aromas culminate in a strong wind of garlic. Tasty.

Consistency: This is a thick sauce and like many thick sauces it clogs the neck of the bottle. You might have to stick a chopstick into the neck every once in a while to unclog it.

Taste: The taste is very much akin to many of CaJohn’s other sauces. Vinegary with lots and lots of chile pepper flavor. This sauce starts with the tartness of the vinegar but mellows out into the chile pepper flavor. The chile flavor is quite quick however and it precedes a heavy dose of garlic and spices to round things off. This sauce has a lot of chile flavor but it fades quickly. Imagine a one-two punch of vinegar then chile and then you get knocked out onto a canvas of garlic and spices.

Heat: (9.0/10) Not suicide hot but it’s pretty damn close. I would be careful with this sauce. I took a quick swig for the tasting and now my heart hurts. Soreass tomorrow.

Field Test:
This sauce is a flavor enhancer and I don’t think you should add too much of this stuff to anything because it can be quite overpowering. It’s best to use this sauce in conjunction with a food that is heavily flavored. I haven’t stopped using this sauce since I’ve gotten it.

Final Word: Tasty and hot as hell. I’ve been blowing through this stuff on every meal.

Overall: 9.2/10.

CaJohns Fiery Foods
Columbus, Ohio