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Review: CaJohn’s Select Jalapeno Puree

CaJohn's Select JalapenoAfter a good experience with CaJohn’s Select Cayenne, I was anxious to give the Jalapeno version a try.

Ingredients: Jalapeno Chilies, Distilled Vinegar, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid

I really like the flavor of fresh jalapenos, particularly the ripe red ones, but also the fresh, bright green, immature variety.

However, I don’t much care for jalapenos when they are pickled, as found in jars you buy in the store. The vinegar overpowers the taste, and ruins the flavors I like so much. This also means that I don’t like most jalapeno sauces, since they are loaded with vinegar and salt.

But, CaJohn’s select held a good deal of promise for me, since it has 80% chile solids and no salt.

CaJohn's Jalapeno 2

On First Taste
The first thing that surprised me was the heat level. This sauce is no burner, but as far as [tag]jalapeno[/tag] sauces go, the heat level is good. The vinegar is understated, and the lack of salt is refreshing. There’s a strong jalapeno flavor, but alas, it lacks the taste of fresh jalapenos and tastes more like jalapenos from a jar.

On Food

CaJohn's Jalapeno 3

I tried CaJohn’s select jalapeno on a burrito. I doused each bite with a hefty amount. It added a good amount of flavor to the burrito – definitely preferable to the weak, canned jalapenos I too often find at local burrito places. It made for an acceptable, but not spectacular, flavor enhancer.

In Conclusion:
CaJohn has made a valiant attempt at a good [tag]jalapeno sauce[/tag] with his Select Jalapeno Puree. If you like jalapeno sauces, you’ll love this one. If you don’t, then this won’t change your opinion on the genre. Compared to most [tag]jalapeno sauces[/tag], it definitely better than average.

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