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Review: Cat-5 Food Polish

Cat-5 Food Polish

Sprinkle Cat-5 Food Polish on your favorite dish and prepare to be blown away!

Ingredients: Salt, Dried Peppers & other spices

When I first heard of Cat-5 Food Polish, I was a bit perplexed. The name made no sense to me with just hearing it, but when I saw the label on the shaker it all came together. On the label you’ll see the image of a eye of a hurricane (or tornado) – and no reference to cats. Whew.

Cat-5 Food Polish

The shaker is small, but it’s perfect to carry around with you for those bland food emergency situations. The spice is plain and simple – straight to the point with its heat and flavor. And I don’t recommend smelling the seasoning unless you want to give yourself a sneezing fit like I did.

Cat-5 is well blended and comes out of the shaker nicely (as you can see from the images above) – a good uniform distribution that’s key when using any dried spice.

The heat is definitely there and the spice earns the “Hot” label that’s on the top of the shaker. It’s about a 6 or a 7 on the HSB heat scale when applied directly to the tongue, but on food the heat drops to a solid 6.

If you try Cat-5 Food Polish directly you’ll taste the dried habaneros, but there’s also some other peppers that are definitely in the mix that I couldn’t identify. The salt is very mild, but it works well with the peppers & other spices.

On food, Cat-5 Food Polish adds a good bit of heat and adds some great pepper flavor without taking away from the overall flavor of the dish. I added Cat-5 Food Polish to yet another one of my Saturday morning scrambles and since then I’ve been taking the small shaker with me just about everywhere. Much like the pepper powder keychains, it comes in very handy at crucial food rescue moments.

*update* You can buy your own bottle of Cat-5 Food Polish on Tony’s website.

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