Posted October 5, 2006 by Anthony in Reviews

Review: CFPC Red Savina Premium Hot Sauce

CFPC Red Savina Premium Hot Sauce

After seeing the Cape Fear Pepper Company Pirate Pepper Skull plastered all over the internet on any hot related site I was happy to finally get to see it up close and personal. Any of you that have looked for hot sauces on eBay know what I am talking about.

I had to try this hot sauce twice. The first time I gave it a try was in some chili that I made. I added a couple tea spoons worth and found it blended in with the chili perfectly. It didn’t alter the taste enough to be really noticeable but it did kick it up a bit in the heat department. Not much mind you as I didn’t even break a sweat or grab a Kleenex. So the second test was just straight out of the bottle. This is good stuff. Knowing the lineage of this sauce makes no mistake of that.

This is a no-nonsense, right to the point habanero sauce. It is what it is. There is no denying that its no frills attitude and bare bones ingredients was created for one purpose. Heat, and the unmistakable habanero pepper we love so much. There are many sauces out there like this in terms of ingredients. But very few come close to pulling it all together like this. In fact, I bet if you were to look at some of your other bottles you may find that you already have this sauce in some incarnation or another. No matter what label you slap on it, it will still be a great sauce.

CFPC Red Savina Premium Hot Sauce

With a Red Savina sauce you expect a real scorcher. But this has a nice pleasant burn that lingers sharply for a few minutes then subsides with a hint of vinegar still in the throat. This to me is what should be left on table tops around restaurants as an additional option to Tabasco. If I was to have one complaint it would be that there is no regulator as this a very thin sauce and you could end up drowning something you didn’t want to.

Cape Fear is doing a great thing here with this Red Savina® Habanero Premium Hot Sauce.

Ingredients: Red Savina Habanero Chiles, Vinegar, Onion, Tomatoes, Lemon Juice, Salt, Garlic

Packaging 8.5/10 ““ little blurry but good nonetheless
Aroma 8.5/10 ““ Peppers and Vinegar
Appearance 6.5/10 ““ Basic red ““ quite watery
Taste 9.3/10 ““ Fabulous pepper taste
Heat 7/10 ““ Expected hotter ““ nice even burn

Overall 9.0/10 ““ The name of this sauce says it all