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Review: Chedville’s Cajun Foods- One Hot Mama Habanero Pepper Sauce

Hot Mama Hot SauceZzzzzzz..huh what? Oh hello sorry I fell into a deep soothing sleep as if I had just drank a tall glass of warm milk, just uh eating some One Hot Mama Habanero Pepper Sauce.

Quick Review: This quick review requires that you need to know complex multivariable calculus. Break out those Texas Instruments people.
Tabasco+ Tiny bit o’heat = One Hot Mama Habanero Pepper Sauce
Overall- 2.0/10

Bottle Description: None.

Ingredients: Whoa I almost got a hand cramp writing all these complex ingredients. Oh wait no: Habanero peppers, vinegar, salt, xantham gum.

Container: Standard bottle but with animation of lady in bikini. Possibly the feeblest attempt at T&A on a hot sauce bottle I have seen so far. Orange label for an orange sauce. Huh. Not so aesthetically pleasing.

Appearance: Tabasco but oranger.

Hot Mama Lid

Smell: Heavy vinegar but a hint of peppers so not too bad.

Consistency: Runny but this bottle has the bottle limiter. You won’t need the limiter.

Taste: You’ve had this sauce 20,000 times before. Each time you buy a crappy bottle of sauce this is what it tastes like. Cajun sauce with a whole lot of vinegar.

Heat: 5.8/10 (will work in a pinch but it will never be your MVP)

Field Test: Here are some decent applications of this sauce: oysters, avocados.

Final Word: 2.0/10 This is the sauce that the waitress at a mega chain restaurant will bring you but warn you that it’s hot. She will hand it to you discreetly because Mega-Chain restaurants don’t normally serve One Hot Mama Habanero Sauce and she found it in the stockroom. You will get excited that it will blow your mind because you will b e free from the oppression of restaurant hot sauce. After one taste your mind is not blown and your food tastes vinegar.

If you make hot sauce and are reading this you can stop with the vinegar heavy sauces. We have enough brands of this stuff already. Please don’t crown the shelf space with this stuff that tastes exactly like your other limp-wristed competitors. Stop trying to make a quick buck by calling your Tabasco clone a Habanero sauce or bragging about how hot it is. It might be hot for a soccer mom or businessman who lives in Newport Beach CA but brand isn’t big enough to reach them. You’re making sauce for a group of people who appreciate quality. Stop with this crap.

Manufactured by:
Chedville’s Cajun Food, LLC

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