Posted December 7, 2005 by Anthony in Reviews

Review: Chef D Rocks Sweet Chili – Original Hot Sauce

I am writing this review just about an hour after receiving Chef D Rocks Sweet Chile Original Hot Sauce. This is my first “official” review for HSB and my first foray into the sweet sauce realm.

The first thing I take notice is the packaging. It is your standard 5oz bottle with pleasant graphics and all the standard nutritional information. No fancy gimmick here. I grabbed a plate, some breadsticks and some cheese. Cracked open the bottle and took a deep breathe in. The aroma was very fresh and it did indeed smell sweet. A smell that reminded me of sweet barbeque sauce. In fact if this came in a bigger bottle it could always double up as one.

The ingredients are pretty straight forward. This is a jalapeno and tomato based sauce with an array of herbs, honey, lime juice and no preservatives.

I started the pour on the plate to see the consistency. It poured nice and slow and had a very dark reddish brown tinge to it and the great aroma flowed out with the sauce. I tried it on the breadstick first and the sweetness was immediately apparent. It was followed up with just a slight kick of heat that livened up the tongue. My fiance tried it with some cheese (havarti) and quickly scooped out what I had poured out. I knew this sauce was a winner.

Chef D Rocks Sweet Chile

We were making some breaded halibut with peas and rice and this was a perfect compliment to the meal. It went so well with the fish that I really didn’t ever need tartar sauce. I then grabbed the bottle again and mixed it in with the peas and rice. After I few minutes I did notice a slight bite of heat was there but I think even a novice should have no fear when looking at Chef D Rocks Sweet Chile Original Hot sauce.

So this being my first Sweet Hot sauce I don’t what to compare it with. But I believe if this is a benchmark sauce it should be a staple in the fridge. I can see so many different dishes this would compliment. Chef D Rocks Sweet Chile lives up to its name. It has all the hallmarks required to be a great sauce. Enjoy!

Packaging 7/10
Aroma 8/10
Appearance 8/10
Taste 8.5/10
Heat 4/10

Overall 8/10

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