Posted July 11, 2006 by Anthony in Reviews

Review: Chocolate Raspberry Diablo Hot Sauce

Chocolate Raspberry Diablo Sauce

I thought I was getting another fruity sauce when this arrived. I am not particularly found of fruity hot sauce (note to Nick). Well when I opened this I was proven wrong. This was way more chocolate than raspberry. It took a great deal of shaking and cursing to try and get this stuff to pour out. It is thick!

I will admit that the ingredients are impressive.

Ingredients: Red Raspberries, sugar, water, imported Swiss Cocoa, vinegar, chile, brandy, salt and select spices.

My friend tested this and thought it was pretty good. I can see it being great on crepes or pancakes, perhaps even on top of some nice vanilla ice cream. As I mentioned it is thick. After trying it again after it spend some time in the fridge it took a great deal of effort trying to get it out of the bottle. Perhaps a squeeze bottle or more of a jam type bottle may be a better idea for this sauce.

It looks exactly like a dark chocolate sauce and it has a very pleasant aroma that is instantly noticeable.

For what it is worth this is good. And if chocolate fruity hot sauces are your thing you will really like this. So I will base my review for those of you who are partial to these. You should definitely check it out. The brandy added was a pleasant kick and if you are discerning enough to pick it out I think you will appreciate it even more.

Packaging 7/10 – does its job
Aroma 8/10 – Chocolaty, hint of spice
Appearance 7/10 – Dark Chocolate Syrup
Taste 7/10 – not for me – but I think it will find some fans
Heat 2/10 – not really noticeable

Overall 7.3/10

Cibolo Junction Food & Spice Co.
HCR 65, Box 71
Ojo Sarco, NM 87521