Posted November 20, 2005 by clint in Reviews

Review: Crazy Jerry’s Mustard Gas Hot Sauce

Crazy Jerry's Mustard GasBottle Description: INHALATION HAZARD – If you think the mustard is hot in Chinese restaurants, just try some of this! May cause nose hairs to combust. This sauce is great on burgers, sandwiches and anything else you would want to put mustard on.

I love hot sauce, always had always will. I had always hated mustard til my teens when I discovered that I should put away the Heinz and reach for some gourmet deli mustards. So when I discovered that Crazy Jerry’s had produced a mustard/hot sauce I got tingly for a bit, then elated, then hungry.

Ingredients: Mustard, vinegar, water, garlic powder, onion powder, mustard Oil, pepper extract, salt, sugar

Container: The bottle is really good looking. It’s a plastic bottle painted with a metallic paint and has a skull wearing a gas mask surrounded by the product name in mustard gas font. If you know a bit about history then you’ll recognize that this bottle resembles what they used to store mustard gas in to launch at the enemy trenches. History AND a sauce? How many sauces do that? If you don’t know about history then the skull wearing a gas mask is a great illustration. I can’t wait to finish this and put it on my shelf.

It’s not yellow, it’s a orange/brown which surprised me because even deli mustards are remotely yellow. The brown I can understand but the orange is new to me. Mustard Gas looks like chili sauce. Not alarmed but rather amused I press on.

Smell: No, don’t believe the bottle, the smell of Mustard Gas won’t be burning your nose hairs or much of anything else. The combination of garlic, mustard and pepper aroma from the bottle is delicious but definitely not anything that would require a gas mask. Stick that nose in there take a big whiff. It makes me drool like a St. Bernard

Crazy Jerry's Mustard Gas - Poured OutConsistency: This bothers me a bit. It’s a mustard right? It should stay put on my hotdog or plate instead of spreading like it was given a strong sedative. Mustard Gas is very watery. In fact it has the consistency of hot cocoa. No wonder it comes in a pour bottle instead of the customary mustard bottle with the twist spout. If you were to haphazardly poor this stuff on a hot dog it would be everywhere. I tried rationalizing it: Ok its mustard/hot sauce. Still any Dave’s or Blair’s is thicker than this.

Taste: All is forgiven. It’s the taste of garlic and peppers that you taste first. The mustard doesn’t command the taste but it doesn’t hinder the sauce. There is no strong mustard oils that dissipate and shoot straight up the nose but it bites like a good mustard. After the bite the pepper extract kick in giving you a hot sauce heat to it. It’s a one two punch that makes me drool just thinking of the sauce.

Heat: 8.5/10 (experienced chili heads won’t find it too hot, the newbie would)

Field Test: I immediately broke out some Vienna Sausages (mini hot dogs, sort of). I dumped some on the heated wieners and bit into a little bit of heaven. It works like mustard alright. Garlic/peppers, mustard, then heat, all on top of the taste of the sausages. I went through 3 cans of sausages

Final Word: Crazy Jerry’s Mustard Gas isn’t your traditional ballpark Heinz but if you like mustard and hot sauce then this will not fail to satisfy. I would steer clear of adding this to Mexican, Italian and most Asian dishes because the mustard clashes with the taste of the food in a strange and unsatisfying way. I recommend it on anything that you could eat with mustard: hot dogs, hamburgers, fries. In fact you should bring it to your local fast food joint. You’ll never reach for a squeeze jar again.