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Review: Crazy Mother Puckers – Liquid Lava Hot Sauce

Crazy Mother Puckers- Liquid Lava Hot Sauce (XXX-Hot )
Liquid Lava Hot Sauce

Bottle Description: If you like your hot sauce “super hot”, you’ll love Liquid Lava. It’s the perfect combination of flavor and heat featuring aged red peppers, garlic and chili pepper extract. CAUTION “It’ll Pucker Your Pecker!”

Ingredients: Aged red peppers, distilled vinegar, salt, garlic, chile extract and xantham gum.

I don’t know what the animation is on the bottle but I like it. Very nice looking label
that isn’t cheaply done. Flask bottles are awesome.

Appearance: Uniformly red with a few seeds here and there.

Smell: Whoo spicy. Lots of garlic and vinegar but the bite of the peppers will let you know that something is pretty hot inside.

Consistency: The consistency of this sauce is pretty thin. You really have to be careful about how you pour this sauce if you want just a little bit.

Taste: Taste-wise there isn’t too too too much going for this sauce. It tastes good but it certainly is not a new taste. You really get the flavor from the peppers and garlic with a twinge of vinegar. It’s like any other red sauce you’ve ever had. There isn’t anything annoying about the flavor but there isn’t anything that will have you spinning off into the hemisphere and a taste bud shaped cloud either.

Heat: 9.5/10. This stuff is hot. First time I got this bottle from Nick I did what I always do when I get a new sauce”¦.took a swig. Bad idea. I didn’t know this stuff had extract. I felt the heat in my ears and they started whistling like a tea kettle.

Field Test:
This sauce is a 100% all around sauce. The flavor of this basic red sauce allows it to go on everything. I’ve had it on my eggs, fried rice, veggies & soup. There really isn’t much you can’t do with this sauce. Well it might suck on pineapple.

Final Word:
I love this sauce. Best I’ve had in a while. My only complain still is that since this sauce is runny it’s a bit tough to control your flow, getting it spilled all over the place is not fun.

9.4/10 Great sauce. Hot as hell. Get it

Distributed by:
“Crazy” Mother Pucker’s Hot Sauce
20001-A Emerald Coast Pkwy
Destin, FL 32541
Ya ain’t Been Pucked till
Ya Been Mother Pucked!