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Review: Csigi Chili Sauces

Unique ingredients:
Turbinado SugarA dark brown fine-grained crunchy specialty sugar. It is a completely pure, natural, and chemical free sugar.
Hemp ProteinContains all 10 essential amino acids, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, enzymes, natural anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

CSIGI delivered!

Initial taste straight from the bottle:
CSIGI CAPSAICIN CARNIVALE CHILI SAUCE *sniff sniff * vinegar. First thing that you feel is an intense but comfortable heat. It relaxes and fades. After a tiny bit of dew formed on my forehead, the sensation moved to the lips. This sauce has a wonderful yellow pepper taste. It’s almost a fruity flavor. I can tell the maker put some time in getting the yellow pepper to come across on the initial taste. The more and more you taste the sauce, the more flavor comes across. It’s an uplifting, unique fresh taste. Almost a bit of tart comes across. Very well crafted! I really like this taste…

CSIGI SALUBRIOUS SAVINA CHILI SAUCE – *sniff sniff* tex-mex. Milder heat, fads quicker. Slight tomato and red pepper mix. A tex-mex style vinegar flavor. Again I can taste the high quality ingredients. No cardboard after-taste usually found in most tex-mex flavor sauces. Fresh!

CSIGI BIG BOSS JALAPENO SAUCE- *sniff sniff* distilled vinegar. Not as impressive, but good. Liquidy. I definitely can taste the turbinado sugar more than in the other Csigi sauces. Unique taste again; only vinegar takes away much of the sauces flavor. I can NOT taste the Jalapenos.

Heat Level:
– The heat is intense but comfortably tolerable. Once you’ve been hit by the first wave of perspiration, you’ll find it pleasing and relaxing. A third and forth taste brings out the true fresh, high quality ingredients needed to create this wonderful heat. It is appreciated that no extract is used to get to a 7 out of 10 heat level. (one word: UPLIFTING!)

– A milder heat. I can taste the difference between the liquid and the residual mash left after it quickly separates. Less mash gives it a 4 out of 10 heat level.

– Less heat; can’t say better tasting. Too much vinegar flavor. No matter how good the vinegar is, too much of it takes away any heat the jalapenos had and overwhelms the flavor. A sweeter 2 out of 10 heat level.

Flavor on food: Chicken Wings


I make my chicken wings different than most people. I cut the tips then butcher off as much of the skin as I can. Then I split the wingettes. I toss in some salt and a heavy pinch of flour before refrigerating atleast an hour. Heat the fryer…

Butched wing!

Fry at 350 in canola oil for nine minutes and booyah!

Eight perfect wings.

I prefer dipping my wings in a sauce rather than the coating them. I can get the perfect amount of sauce for my taste and it eliminates the messy fingers. Plus, if I find a sauce disagreeing to my taste buds; it won’t ruin the entire meal.

CSIGI CAPSAICIN CARNIVALE CHILI SAUCE – A XXX sauce at any wing establishment. Great blend of heat and flavor. A lot of mash sits on a dipped wing. The yellow pepper adds a unique and welcomed complexity.

CSIGI SALUBRIOUS SAVINA CHILI SAUCE – A flavorful tex-mex wing sauce. Heat stumbles across the vinegar just enough. Some refinement could make this the best tex-mex sauce available.

CSIGI BIG BOSS JALAPENO SAUCE – Useless on wings. Too much vinegar. Sweet tasting if you can dismiss the vinegar. On wings; tastes like a lesser, wet General Tso’s Chicken.

Final Impressions:
The maker of these hot sauces could be a premier sauce crafter. All the sauces are made with high quality in mind. Unique, fresh ingredients add a sophisticating and welcoming flavor. My favorite, by far is the CSIGI CAPSAICIN CARNIVALE CHILI SAUCE. The heat compliments the taste of the yellow pepper. It’s a new top fifteen sauce. Very uplifting!

My final score:
Packaging 6/10
Coloring / Temperament 4/10
Consistency 5/15
Heat 8/25
Taste 28/40

Packaging 6/10
Coloring / Temperament 6/10
Consistency 7/15
Heat 20/25
Taste 32/40

Packaging 7/10 (yellow pepper on the label)
Coloring / Temperament 8/10
Consistency 12/15
Heat 22/25
Taste 36/40


((let’s see a yellow pepper, CARROT and habanero sauce soon!))