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Review: Csigi – Fra Diavolo Pasta Sauce

Ingredients: Tomato Puree, Organic crushed tomato, red onion, tomato paste, extra virgin olive oil, basil, minced garlic, orange habanero chiles (fresh whole pods**), extra coarse sea salt, turbinado sugar, coarse black pepper, spices.

**Not every jar will contain a habanero pod. This is due to the canning process.

Finding a truly spicy tomato sauce right from the jar is a tough thing to do. Sure it is easy to add some heat with spices and sauce, but to have a sauce that comes straight to the table with enough heat to actually satisfy the spicy craving is a rarity.

With most pasta sauces out of the jar I am quite skeptical. They are always lacking in something whether it be simply from salt and pepper or to a more specific spice. This is one time though that I have not been disappointed. Straight out of this hefty bottle to a sauce pan this tomato sauce was better than almost any I have tried. I am not going to try and find any fault in this pasta sauce as there is none. From the first initial waft of aroma to the final mixing stage to the pasta, everything was stellar.

I tossed most of the bottle into a sauce pan and set it over lowmedium heat while water was boiling right until the pasta was boiled through. I took several taste tests to see if anything additional should be added. Okay, if I was to add a negative comment it would be that my bottle did not contain a habanero pod. No matter though. Throughout the heating up process the sauce remained uniformly thick and released a burst of aroma with every oxygenated bubble that burst under the heat of the element.

Mixing the sauce into the pasta was another revelation among bottles sauces. It took just a mere few seconds to have all this wonderful sauce blended in to the pasta.

As for the heat. Well yes, there is definitely a kick up from the rest of commercial sauces I have tried out there, Not so much to scare anyone off. But enough for this pasta sauce to live up to its name. The heat definitely came from the hab’s but there wasn’t so much as a taste from the habanero’s. I could have kicked this up a few notches myself, but for anyone that is just looking for a spicy pasta sauce off the shelf you can’t get anything better.

There is a little bit left in the jar. Just enough to coat some bread and make one killer meatball sub. I can also see this being used a pizza sauce as well. Your limits do not have to be left to just pasta.

To wrap it up, you have a pasta sauce that is thick and rich, that delivers up to its name in being “spicy” and ultimately an extremely flavourful sauce that you can simply heat and serve with worrying about adjusting any levels to it.

An exceptional product!

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