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Review: Danny Cash’s Renegade Habanero Ranch

Danny Cash’s Renegade Habanero Ranch
Habanero Ranch

Bottle Description: Nothing hidden about this ranch! Habanero and garlic combine for a burning ranch! Heat 6/10

Habanero and Serrano chile peppers, buttermilk, garlic, soybean oil, sugar, dried parsley, lemon, lime, vinegar and salt.

Container: I’m no cycle fan so I can’t comment on the label. I will tell you this about the container though. The pour is excellent.

Appearance: If you didn’t know that it looks like ranch then I can’t help you.

Smell: Unsurprisingly this [tag]ranch[/tag] smells like of course ranch. However, there’s a hint of acidity from the vinegar, salt and peppers. Ranch smell with a tiny bit of bite.

Taste: Well damn. Of course first you get the familiar flavor of ranch but afterwards you get a tiny bit of sourness that lets out the pepper flavor. The peppers are faint but add to the good overall flavor of the sauce. Renegade Habanero Ranch tastes nothing like Hidden Valley Ranch which I assume is old fat-free milk and bird crap.

Heat: 5.0/10. Well at least Danny Cash was honest about the heat. If it were another company they’d probably be bragging about their non-existent [tag]habanero[/tag] content. I salute you Danny Cash for being honest.

God-like on friesField Test: For ranch this stuff works surprisingly well with lots of stuff. I added it to chicken and rice, Mexican food and vegetables and they were all good. This stuff is god-like on fries. Don’t be afraid to stray from your usual ranch routine.

Final Word: Not bad, it’s better then you expect. I really had no expectations for this stuff and I figured that hot sauce makers should stick to hot sauce but it’s really good. Usually when some hot sauce makers decide to stray from what made them popular in the sauce industry they try to expand to something else with mixed results. This sauce is good stuff.

Overall: 7.8/10

Danny Cash Unlimited
2936 S. Zuni Street, Unit A
Englewood, CO 80110
(888) 3-hotsauce