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Review: Dave’s Gourmet Insanity Popcorn

Review: Dave’s Gourmet Insanity Corn
Dave's Gourmet Insanity Popcorn

I think I am like most of us here, I seek heat in just about everything I eat. So when I had the chance to try Dave’s Insanity Corn I was stoked. I’ve had Hot Nuts ( easy on the jokes! ) a couple of times, tried just about every so called “Hot” product from the grocery stores, and even put hot spices and Tabasco on popcorn before, but it always fell short and/or felt fake. As this sub-category of hot food grows, you should put this popcorn on your list.

Ingredients: Yellow popcorn, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, salt, pepper, spices, natural and artificial flavorings

Dave's Gourmet Insanity Popcorn

I quickly tore the package open, briefly scanned the directions ( I’m a guy, I don’t need directions! ), luckily my microwave has a “POPCORN” button, and awaited my surprise. Once the pops began, the smell of the popcorn started to fill the kitchen. I love that smell. I did not pick up any spicy/hot/peppery smells while in the micro, but once I opened the door it hit me and hit me hard. It was cool because it was strong enough to make me cough, in the real world that might not be the reaction one would look for but here in our Cartoon Blog World, we live for the extreme!

“Insanity Popcorn may be the hottest popcorn on the planet. In fact, I’m surprised it doesn’t pop without a microwave. Enjoy the great flavor with care.”

Between the coughs, came the awesome smell of the spices and pepper, enough to make your mouth water. I ripped into the bag and popped a couple of pieces in my mouth, warm popcorn…..mmmmmm! The Insanity Corn packs some nice heat, the more you eat the hotter it gets. It gave me a first-rate total mouth warmth that lasted nicely. I was a very happy guy!

Dave's Gourmet Insanity Popcorn

I made the Dave’s Gourmet Insanity Corn for the Sunday night game where my Chicago Bears handed the Seahawks a pretty good sized butt-whipping! So I would have to say I was in a pretty good mood with the game going our way. But not taking anything away from the Insanity Corn, it was excellent. Practically every kernel popped fully, the popcorn was a good average size and all in all very tasty. Beer, Popcorn, and Football- God Bless America!

Packaging/Label: 8 out of 10
Aroma: 8 out of 10
Taste: 9 out of 10
Heat: 8 out of 10
Overall: 9 out of 10

Dave’s Gourmet, Inc.
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