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Review: Death in the Desert Habanero Hot Sauce

Jackson’s Signature Sauces – Death in the Desert (Habanero Hot Sauce)
Death in the Deset Habanero Hot Sauce

Bottle Description: Jackson’s Death in the Desert is an awesome blend of fiery habanero and other all-natural, preservatives free ingredients and Spices. Recommended for a wonderful heat and awesome flavor on steaks, chicken, pork, fish and soups!

Ingredients: Carrots, peppers, spices, vinegar, salt.

Container: Regular graphics, unsuspecting bottle.

Appearance: A standard red-brownish sauce, with seeds etc.

Smell: Vinegary? This sauce has all the makings of a regular old vinegars and peppers sauce but the smell is mellower. More inviting. That’s probably because of the carrot aroma which lightens the mood.

A no nonsense sauce that you’ve had many many times before. However the harsher aspects of those sauces have been dulled. You may be used to tartness from vinegar but Death in the Desert is more carroty, playing against the vinegar. The sauce then is miler in terms of tartness, almost like a tart fruit.

Heat: (7.0/10) The sauce leaves a tad bit of warmth on your tongue.

Field Test: This sauce goes pretty well with everything if you wanna add bit of heat to any dish. An all around sauce that excels on breakfast foods.

Final Word: Pick up a bottle. It won’t change your life but it’s good to get back to basics every once in a while.

Overall: 7.2/10

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