Posted June 22, 2007 by Anthony in Makers

Review: Denzel’s Colonel Corn Hot Sauce

Denzel's Colonel Corn Hot Sauce

Denzel has done it again. He has taken 5 ingredients and turned it into an incredible sauce.

Ingredients: Vinegar, corn, chipotle, garlic, salt

As with all his other sauces everything is high caliber. The label is colourful and in your face. It has all the good info you need and an air of authority about it.

From sight alone the sauce looks every appealing. It has an orangey hue to it with pieces of corn visible. The pour result in a nice even flow for good application.

It was burgers tonight and I felt like something different than BBQ sauce and other condiments and I didn’t want a heavy vinegar sauce either. Although this has vinegar listed first, it’s the corn and chipotle flavours that come first and foremost. The closest thing I can compare this to is almost a thinner version of corn relish.

Denzel's Colonel Corn Hot Sauce

The taste is very memorable and was just what I was looking for a change-up. As for the heat. Well for a seasoned chili-head it would be in the mild range. Other than just the slightest tingle on the tongue there isn’t much heat at all.

This is an incredible sauce that should be packed along for any picnic or BBQ. It is a much welcomed hot sauce that deserves some space in the fridge.

Denzels’ Gourmet Foods Ltd.
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