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Review: Denzel’s Dangerous Goods Roasted Habanero and Garlic Hot Sauce

Denzel's Dangerous Goods Roasted Habanero and Garlic Hot Sauce

Bottle Description: We roast the garlic and habaneros together and the end result is a rich earthy taste with concentrated heat.

Ingredients: Vinegar, onions, habanero peppers, garlic, salt, basil.

It was hard to get these ingredients b/c the Scovie winner award seal was right over the English ingredients list. And since I cant read French I had to search the net. And the first site to pop up was Ron Levi’s review of this same sauce.

Container: I think the design of the bottle is a crate of some kind. Which, I guess you can store dangerous goods in. Comment if you know how to store dangerous goods.

Appearance: A chunky puree with natural colors. You can almost see every ingredient from the seeds of the peppers to the bits roasted peppers.

Smell: I think earthy is a great way to describe this sauce, that’s a pretty dead-on way to describe the smell. Deep aroma of roasted peppers and onion, garlic and basil. There’s no tart vinegar smell to the sauce which is a nice bonus.

Taste: While eating a meal I thought to myself “this sauce is mediocre at best, Scovie award my ass”. At this point in time I then realized that I had finished 80% of the bottle in one sitting on one entrée. Truth is that this sauce is so good that you take it for granted. It certainly isn’t something you’ve never tasted before ingredients-wise but the way everything comes together is damn good. It’s like the Rolling Stones’ Satisfaction, that’s a damn good song but you’ve heard it so many times that you take it for granted.

The peppers, garlic and onions really carry the sauce. The richness of the roasted peppers is warm and sweet as the garlic and onions add their flavors to bolster the “earthy-ness” of the sauce. The vinegar comes in a twinge to strong for my taste in the end but I’m pretty picky about my vinegar content.

Heat: (7.8/10) I was surprised at the heat in this sauce. Usually I don’t come across a lot of sauces that make me grab a bit of water after a couple bites but Dangerous Goods can be quite dangerous for newbies.

Field Test: This is a pretty all around sauce and it goes great with almost anything. But since it was a salsa-like consistency I would recommend it with Mexican food. This stuff even works on tofu.

Final Word: A good sauce. Worth getting. Great taste even if it’s not a new taste.

Overall: 8.5/1

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