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Review: Denzel’s Peaches & Scream Hot Sauce

Denzel's Peaches and Scream Hot Sauce

From the bottle: “So here’s what we do: We caramelize the Peaches and then add the habaneros with the other ingredients and blend them together. Tada, Peaches & Scream!”

Ingredients: Roasted peaches, vinegar, onions, habanero peppers, brown sugar

Having to have called into my day job to stay home with my sick daughter the other day, I took the opportunity to make something a little out of the norm for the family for dinner. I was so tired of the same old same old. So I ventured into making something I usually ruin every time, stuffed pork loin. Hey, worse comes to worse I can always order a pizza! I am so glad that I tried again because it came out FANTASTIC! But what really bought it home was this sauce.

You can tell that this label was thought about very carefully. It is very elegant with just a picture of some peaches on it in some wonderful hues of yellow and orange with just enough black for contrast. I know it sounds boring but it is the way it is done that takes it up a level for hot sauce labels. You can truly tell that a lot of thought and hard work went into this. It is truly a nice change from some of your typical hot sauce labels.

Denzel's Peaches and Scream Hot Sauce

The sauce is a wonderful roasted peach color. It is not quite brown, but not quite yellow. You can also see bits of habaneros and onions in the sauce. It has a wonderful consistency, it stays where you put it but flows with no hassles. The aroma is out of this world! You get hit with the onions first. Then you can smell the peaches. Just fresh from the tree peaches. WONDERFUL! As for the taste, it was like nothing I have ever had before! First taste is onions followed by that wonderful sweet tart flavor of the peaches. Next you get hit with the sweetness of the brown sugar. Nothing overwhelming, just enough to help bring out the taste of the habanero peppers in a wonderful slow burn. It is not a super hot but it does leave a nice tingle on the tongue. I have come to just taking a spoonful here and there during the day because it is just so damn good! (OK, it helps that I am a foodie and just like food but even if I wasn’t, I would have to just eat this sauce by the spoonful!)

Denzel's Peaches and Scream Hot Sauce

When I added this to my stuffed pork loin, WOW! It was like I had cooked the peaches, brown sugar, habaneros, and onions with my pork! It even added a whole new level to my stuffing. You got a little more heat and less sweet with the stuffing. I honestly couldn’t wait for my next bite!

Denzel's Peaches and Scream Hot Sauce

Seam splitting goodness! Now on the flip side of this sauce. It can so be a dessert sauce. My second thought for this sauce was for vanilla ice cream, a topping for a banana split, a topping for apple pie ala mode, ect. The possibilities are endless. I even think roasting an apple with this drizzled atop of it would be seam splitting goodness!

All in all this sauce ROCKS! It not only looks good but it tastes good! Not to mention how versatile it truly is when you think of all the savory and sweet possibilities this sauce has for revamping tried and true recipes to creating completely new favorites. I think no matter what your tastes are in the hot sauce realm, you should give this sauce a try just once. I don’t think it will disappoint!

Packaging/Label: 10/10 very elegant
Aroma: 10/10 sweet and savory
Taste: 10/10 PERFECT
Heat: 7/10 will leave a pleasant tingle on your tongue

Overall: 9/10

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