Posted July 29, 2007 by Anthony in Makers

Review: Denzel’s Triple Threat Hot Sauce Trio

Denzel's Hot Sauce Trio

Denzel is the hot sauce master of minimalism. Give him 5-6 or ingredients and he will give you back 5-6 unique sauces independent of one another. Not only does he make do with the ingredients he uses but he selects organic ingredients and utilizes small craft producers.

This is going to be a triple review just to give you the comparison. Three sauces, same ingredients, three totally unique sauces.

Denzel’s Fire Hazard (2005 Fiery Food Challenge Winner), Gourmet Habanero Hot Sauce, Dangerous Goods (2005 Scovie Award Winner)

Ingredients: Vinegar, onions, habanero peppers, garlic, salt, basil

Yup, that’s it, same order, same ingredients for all three sauces. Now I know some companies that take the same sauce a just slap different labels on them and market each sauce to a certain demographic. Denzel could have done the same thing with his award winning sauces but that’s not the type of guy he is.

Denzel's Hot Sauce Trio

So the basis for this is going to be quite simple”¦..right out of the bottle.

All three sauces have great colour, aroma, and viscosity. Dangerous Goods being the thickest of the three. There was a bit of separation on the Fire Hazard and Gourmet Habanero, but not enough to warrant anything negative. Plus I didn’t give the bottles a fair shake (pun intended).

Denzel's Hot Sauce Trio
Denzel’s Dangerous Goods

As I mentioned Dangerous Goods is much thicker than the other two and almost had a paste like quality. The taste was very deep and rich that gave a little fire after a few seconds. Just enough to let you get all the flavours acquainted and then held on for a few minutes. The heat level was a solid medium. There is no doubt as too why this is an award winner.

Denzel's Hot Sauce Trio
Denzel’s Fire Hazard

Fire Hazard hit hard and fast. The burn comes quickly but doesn’t stick around for too long. The vinegar and habs take hold right away but it doesn’t have the stamina to keep the burn going for very long. The flavour of this is very sharp on the nose and is reminiscent of any superb habanero hot sauce that you would always pick as your go to sauce in a pinch. Fast and stingy sauce here that is great for heating things up in a hurry.

Denzel's Hot Sauce Trio
Gourmet Habanero Hot Sauce

The Gourmet Habanero Hot Sauce is the mild mannered good natured one of the trio. It makes you feel comfortable right away with pronounced Habanero flavour and good dash of garlic. No surprises here in the heat department. The vinegar takes a back seat here to let the habs and garlic do the talking.

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