Posted August 12, 2006 by clint in Reviews

Review: Devil’s Own Hot Sauce

Devil's Own Hot SauceBottle Description: Here it is! A hot sauce that’s made by two fat guys that have a love for food and a passion for heat. We’ve been to hell and back to come up with a sauce that’s unrivaled in heat and flavor. The result is the best sauce this side of hell. Enjoy! ~Charles and Steve

Ingredients: vinegar, habaneros, tomato puree, onion, cayenne pepper, garlic

Container: I like this kind of design. Simple name with a big eye catching picture. This is the kind of stuff that gets some notice on the store shelves. Devil, mushroom cloud, fire, hell, the label looks the way a Black Sabbath song sounds, and that can’t be bad.

Appearance: A red brown puree with seeds. Nothin you haven’t seen before.

Smell: Holy hell that’s a lot of habanero and cayenne. The tomato and vinegar balance each other that and the onion and garlic are a nice addition to the overall aroma of the sauce. Nice.A lot of habanero and cayenne

Consistency: No complaints.

Taste: There’s a healthy dose of vinegar in this. Devil’s Own is a sauce that’s similar to CaJohn’s purees. I’m lazy, so though I appreciate the DIY foundation of a Cajohn puree I like to have the maker add the rest of the ingredients for me. The tomato, habanero and cayenne do a good job at keeping the vinegar sharpness at bay but the taste of onion and garlic are a bit subdued for me taste but are there. The onion and garlic sneak by.

Devil's Own Hot Sauce

Heat: (8.7/10) Not as hot as hell that’s for sure. More like kissing the asphalt on a hot Texas day. If you’re very experienced you should have no problems. However if you’re new, portion this stuff out. Do not be over zealous. I can handle a lot of hot but each time I use this sauce I’m surprised by how much zing it has. Work of the Devil I’m sure.

Field Test: You want foods that go good with pepper flavor. Instead of adding it to a pure cut of meat I generally use this on food that’s multifaceted: burritos, Chinese food, chili. I would recommend taking this sauce to restaurants.

Final Word: I see this sauce as more of a puree. It’s got a strong habanero and cayenne flavor that you don’t find too often in sauces which is good but you have to match it with foods that already have their own unique flavor. For instance: adding this sauce to a burrito adds the simple flavors of pepper to a delicious burrito AND makes it hot. For that reason it’ll be the sauce that’s in your fridge for quite a while but you’ll enjoy using it when you have something good to use it on.

Overall: 8.0/10. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that fat guys will never lead you wrong when it comes to food. Be picky with this sauce.