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Review: Don’t Piss Me Off Hot Sauce

Don't Piss Me Off Hot Sauce

You guys are going to hate me for this. I like this [tag]hot sauce[/tag]. And as much as I know I shouldn’t!! .I still do. This is generic, watery, habanero, vinegar sauce that is pumped into thousands of the same bottles with different labels. I think everyone should have some incarnation in their fridge of this sauce. Just pick your gimmick. I was lucky enough to get the thumb cuffs on this bottle. At least that will be more useful than the peeing doll.

This stuff doesn’t look great, not any different than Tabasco. Doesn’t smell appealing but it is non offensive. The heat is a quick sting on the tongue but nothing much. The vinegar bite is actually pleasant. Good thing that bottle comes with one of those stoppers. Otherwise it would just run all over the place.

It is great sauce to splash on pizza, douse over wings or blend into mac n’ cheese. It will never be a replacement for premium sauces but it can come in handy if you run into a hot sauce emergency.

In fact the only downfall of this is sauce is that it may be too commonplace. And once you have it tried it from one gimmick sauce there really is no need to get anymore unless you are a collector of those sauces and are using it for shelf value.

Nothing ground breaking or surprising here.

Ingredients: wrinkled [tag]habanero[/tag] peppers, agitated vinegar, pungent garlic, salt and vegetable gum.

Packaging 6/10 – Nothing great – makes its point
Aroma 7/10 – Like a spicier Tabasco – lots of vinegar
Appearance 7/10 – Its there – won’t make you oh or awwww
Taste 6.5/10 – Not bad, not great
Heat 5/10 – Good enough to zap the tongue of a sprouting chili-head. Veterans won’t find it hot at all

Overall 6.5/10

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