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Review: Fat Kid Sauces – Habanero HOT

Fat Kid Sauces - Habanero HOT

If anything, I have to give our very own Huvason credit for this sauce. He has, for the lack of a family friendly word, the peppers to venture out and create his own hot sauce. I will say straight off the bat that this isn’t this greatest sauce you have tried but it isn’t bad either. Let’s just say it lacks character.

Visually the sauce is stunning. It is jam packed with pieces, bits, and shrapnel of ingredients and looks to be quite potent. On a shelf from 5 feet away I couldn’t pick this out of anything and that kind of sums of this sauce in the taste department as well. Looks can be deceiving.

Ingredients: Tomato, Habanero, Bell Pepper, Red Wine Vinegar, Onion, Garlic, Herbs & Spices

For a new sauce I think the name Fat Kid Sauces is great. Like I said the sauce inside the bottle looks freaking amazing.

Taste wise here you are getting a good sauce. Not great, not bad, but good. It is obvious the maker knows what he is doing here and he has done it well. It is also obvious that he doesn’t have the experience of a Danny Cash or a Scotty B. That being I said I give him much credit for releasing a very admirable [tag]hot sauce[/tag] on the first go.

Fat Kid Sauces - Habanero HOT

It took forever to get this sauce to pour and it hadn’t even been in the fridge yet. The field taste was simple enough, nachos and cheese. And my chilihead neighbour and I both agreed that this just got lost in the taste department. It needs something, some oomph to come into its own. I was expecting big things from this sauce but maybe that was due to the anticipation. I tried it again a few days after on a chicken sandwich and there was some flavour, but again, nothing to discernable to make me go WOW!

The heat was good. A medium at best but I am pretty sure that was what was intended. It is versatile enough for most chili-heads to be satisfied.

I know there has been a lot of push for this sauce and the sauce itself is good enough to warrant it. What it needs is just some retooling and maybe less of a rush to get it out the door.

Packaging 5/10 – shrink wrap band was badly warped, cuts the professionalism of the bottle down
Aroma 8.0/10 ““ Pleasant and warm
Appearance 10/10 ““ The appearance of this sauce is stunning
Taste 6.8/10 ““ sauce gets lost in food ““ not bad at all
Heat 5/10 ““ medium

Overall 6.9/10 ““ Potential here for a great sauce ““ keep working on it

** Editor’s Note ** This review is of an initial run bottle accuired before some recipe re-tooling was done. Another review will be done on the latest version as soon as it’s available.
From Huv: Recipe has always been the “same” Not sure when you first had, but I’ve tightened the recipe (i.e. everything is now weighed. Back in the “day” I would just use “8 tomatoes”). Also some minor tweaks in the heat level (actually made it a bit milder over time). The big thing would be the Vinegar in it. Trying to balance the required PH levels with the proper consistancy for pouring. Since it isnt primarily a vinegar based sauce, it is alot thicker (as you know), than a lot out there. So I had to use the Vinegar to make it pourable without being runnny. It think the latest incarnation achieves this better than I had previously.

Since she won the scovie,the formula is “frozen” now. I am working on co-packing now, so i’ll obviously have to make sure the co-packed version comes out the same.

1st Place Scovie Winner

Fat Kid Sauces
Sayville, NY 11782