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Review: Fire Brand Spicy Habanero Mustard

We first heard about Fire Brand Sauces back in May and I was happy to find a few samples from Fire Brand arrive a few weeks later. And what better time to give a spicy mustard then a summer time BBQ?

Freedom Grill's Fire Brand Spicy Habanero Mustard

This isn’t the mustard you grew up with. This spicy mustard sauce gets its kick from a healthy dose of award-winning Fire Brand hot sauce along with ancho chile and habanero chile powders. The unique blend of southwestern flavors in this mustard grilling sauce makes it the perfect fiery compliment to backyard barbecues with hamburgers and hot dogs and adds zip to potluck favorites potato salad, tuna salad, and deviled eggs.

From the first bite of Fire Brand Hot Mustard you get the tangy taste of mustard with a spicy punch of chili peppers. It’s the perfect way to put a new twist on all of your favorite foods and taste boldness. Even bologna sandwiches taste like gourmet fare with Fire Brand’s spicy mustard sauce. We know one guy who swears by Fire Brand Hot Mustard and SPAM® sandwiches and more than one family recipe has seen regular mustard replaced by our habanero mustard grilling sauce. If it wasn’t BOLD, we wouldn’t sell it.

Ingredients: Mustard (vinegar, water, mustard seed, salt, spices) Fire Brand Hot Sauce (vinegar, pimientos, red pepper puree, habanero chiles, garlic, tomato sauce), Vinegar, Spices, Sugar, Salt.

Freedom Grill's Fire Brand Spicy Habanero Mustard
Nick digs in

Freedom Grill's Fire Brand Spicy Habanero Mustard
Kristi digs in

After giving Fire Brand Mustard the standard hot dog test, the consensus was that the mustard was, well, mustard. With some flavored mustards, you get more of the flavor taste (like honey) then mustard. But with Fire Brand’s Mustard, you get straight up mustard. The heat is there, with just enough to let you know that your not using a typical mustard, but it doesn’t pack anywhere near the heat level of a 357 Mad Dog Extreme Mustard, but where it lacks in heat, it makes up in well rounded flavor. With a primary mustard flavor, the Fire Brand sauce mixed in creates the full body for the sauce – giving your tongue much more to enjoy then the traditional French’s Mustard.

And if you think this sauce bottle looks familiar, then you won’t be surprised to know that Fire Brand Sauces are made in Mike & Diane’s Gourmet Kitchen (they make the Ring of Fire line up). So with a pedigree like that, you can feel confident that Fire Brand Spicy Habanero Mustard is going to add some flavorful fire to your summer time grill (especially if it’s a Freedom Grill).

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