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Review: Flaming Green Garlic Passion Salsa

Garlic lovers of the world rejoice – we’ve found a [tag]garlic[/tag] [tag]salsa[/tag] that really delivers the garlic!

Flaming Green Garlic Salsa

I first came across this garlic lovers salsa at Zest Fest 2006 while chatting with the Salsa King & Queen. The 2006 Scovie award winning salsa could be my favorite Salsa King product if they didn’t also make excellent stuffed olives and a mean El Diablo Habanero Salsa – too many excellent products to choose from!

Jar Description: All Natural – No Trans Fat. Flaming Green Garlic Passion Salsa is packed with oven roasted garlic and fiery jalapenos! Incinerate those vampires!

From Roasted garlic has a natural sweetness to it as the sugars in oven roasted garlic caramelize. That wonderful sweet garlic is the perfect accompaniment to the gentle heat of Hatch jalapenos. This new salsa is thick with oven roasted garlic, and has a nice high medium heat level from lots and lots of jalapenos grown in Hatch New Mexico, the chili capital of the world. For those that love garlic, and those that love great jalapeno salsas, then this stuff is for you. Try is with chips of course, but this stuff is a great cooking salsa. Pour some over pork chops and simmer for 20 minutes, remove the garlic infused chops and stir in some half and half for a fantastic garlic gravy to go over those chops and some mashed potatoes. Or mash some into an avocado for great Garlicamole!!!!!

Ingredients: Tomatillos, Oven Roasted Garlic, Jalapeno Peppers, Onions, Lime Juice, Spices & Olive Oil.

Never Trust Anyone Who Doesn't Like Garlic
If you don’t like garlic, steer clear of this salsa. In fact, stay at least 5 feet away from an open jar. As soon as the jar opens, the smell garlic and peppers fills the room. Any good garlic lover will immediately begin salivating and looking for the nearest tortilla chip.

I first opened this jar on a Monday night for Monday Night Football – by half time the group had all but licked the jar clean.

Flavor over fire The salsa has a little bit of heat, just enough to make the average chileheads lips tingle and mouth water for more. The jalapenos won’t make you break a sweat but that’s not the purpose of this salsa – the goal here is flavor over fire.

Flaming Green Garlic Salsa

While the garlic smell is a bit overpowering, you will find that the typical harsh garlic flavor is a bit muted by the oven roasting. The tomatillos add a mellowing sweetness which is enhanced by the heat of the jalapenos.

Overall this salsa has a wonderfully fresh taste and is clearly well deserving of it’s 2006 Scovie Award. Any garlic lover will find this salsa impossible to put down. Get yourself 2-3 jars, unless you are willing the share…

Lorena and Roy Marshall

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