Posted September 17, 2006 by clint in Reviews

Review: Gator Sizzlin Hot Sauce

Gator Sizzlin' Hot SauceBottle Description: Extreme Heat Hot Sauce

Ingredients: Fresh carrots, choice red habanero peppers, onions, limejuice, vinegar, garlic, and

Container: There is a picture of a gator cooking a gator over a flame. Maybe it’s a crocodile cooking an alligator? I don’t know but it is a blatant advertisement for cannibalism isn’t it? This label doesn’t make me want to eat the sauces. It kind of grosses me out. The bottle also comes with a dried gator foot. Grosser!

Appearance: Salsa like color. With seeds!

Smell: The smell of carrots and habaneros comes through a relatively heavy haze of lime and vinegar.

Consistency: This sauce is strangely thicker than the ingredients would suggest. Me thinks there is cornstarch somewhere in here.

Taste: Heavy carrot, lime and vinegar burst. The habanero flavor is hidden. The sauce is exactly like the carrots you can get at a Mexican restaurant. The pickled ones that come with the crappy pickled jalapenos.

Heat: (7.3/10) It tingles the tongue. I believe there’s more “extreme heat” in my fridge.

Field Test: If you want to use this sauce, consider it on anything you would add lime to. Tacos? Yes! Bloody Mary? Yes! French fries? No!!! It tastes great on chicken.

Final Word:
This is certainly not an original sauce. You’ve had it before. Ever had Melinda’s? Then you’ve had this sauce. The carrot and pepper combo is not rare and is almost as prevalent as the vinegar and nothing else combo of Tabasco-like sauces.

Overall: 6.5/10. Not bad. Nothing special. I wouldn’t ever get this sauce again but I don’t mind having it in my fridge.