Posted March 14, 2007 by Anthony in Reviews

Review: Gecko Gary’s OUCHipotle Hot Sauce

Gecko Gary's OUCHipotle Hot Sauce

Great name, catchy looking bottle. Unmemorable sauce. That’s not say that it is bad. It’s just not great.

Packaging wise it is decent enough. Nothing to stand out but not one to turn away from.

There is too much going on in here. The vinegar is front and centre, followed up with a severe citrus orange tang. There is some hab heat but it is quick and very forgiving. As for the chipotles, well I could barely spot them. The sauce from the outside looks quite promising. A deep brown colour with bits floating around inside. But once the pour starts it is quite watery. I gave this a go on some pork chops. And even though the marinade was thorough, the pork chop dried out considerably. Now I had another pork chop on the grill that had nothing but some spice and it did quite well in the juicy department.

This can be saved though. Add some more chipotle, remove some vinegar and add a few extra habs to the recipe.

Ingredients: Vinegar, Roasted Red Peppers, Orange Juice, Habanero Chilies, Chipotle Chilies, Garlic, Salt Spices

Gecko Gary's OUCHipotle Hot Sauce

I think this will find some fans in those who are looking for very middle of the road sauce. Not smoky enough, not hot enough, some zest to stimulate taste buds. Keep this on the side for the more casual hot sauce person who would find this being borderline edgy. Again good, but not great.

Packaging 7/10
Aroma 7.5/10
Appearance 7.8/10
Taste 6.8/10
Heat 4.5/10

Overall 6.7/10

Gecko Gary’s
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