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Review: Gerry Forbes Smart Ass & Sore Ass Hot Sauce

Gerry Forbes Smart Ass Sauce

Gerry Forbes isn’t a hot sauce producer. He is a radio DJ based in Calgary. You can find him every morning on Forbes and Friends from 5:30am – 10:00am on CJAY 92FM in Calgary or at www.cjay92.

There is a 15% discount for HSBer’s when purchased from the link below. Good chance to stock up for a great cause! Just mention you saw them on the HSB!

Gerry Forbes commissioned this sauce to help out his charity the Gerry Forbes Secret Wish Fund which helps out families in need. Within 3 months Gerry has been able to over $3000.00 from proceeds on sales of both of these sauces. Regardless of how they taste, this is a great cause. I am big fan of philanthropy no matter how big or small. So Gerry you automatically get a 10/10 on that front.

See these sauces know how to market themselves. They can be borderline gimmick but they are playing off a radio personality. They don’t have a ripped, bleeding ass on the front or someone telling you to eat feces.

The added bonus is that they are manufactured by a respected maker so I know I am going to get something of quality. So far so good!

So how do they taste.

Gerry Forbes Smart Ass Sauce

Well first up we have Gerry Forbes Smart Ass Hot Sauce. In a nut shell, it tastes good. I put it just above average for a cayenne, vinegar based sauce. The added touch of honey is what really helps here. It is a little liquidy but I come to expect that from these types of sauces. I tried it on some wings and it was a very good match.

Ingredients: Cayenne Pepper, Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Garlic, Honey, Salt

Packaging 7/10 – good for what it is
Aroma 8.5/10 – Vinegary with a nice peppery hint
Appearance 6.5/10 – Basic vinegar cayenne appearance – not great but not bad
Taste 8/10 – Tastes great – I have tasted better but it does the job
Heat 4/10 – Medium at best but that that is what it is supposed to be

Overall 7.5/10 – For the sauce
10/10 – for the Concept

Gerry Forbes Smart Ass Sauce

Next up is a scorcher – Gerry Forbes Sore Ass

So people are buying these for charity. They may not even care about the sauce. I think that the manufacturers have gone a little overboard on the heat with this one and I am sure it has probably fallen into the hands of someone who gets enough heat from Tabasco. (That would be funny to see). But seriously, this is hot. They claim it to be 600,000 SHU but I am going to say it is a little less than that. At that heat level does it really matter though? This sauce reminds me a lot of the Eruption Hot Sauce I recently reviewed in terms of heat, colour and consistency. Since it comes from the same manufacturer that shouldn’t be too surprising.

If only it was just a little tamer. I think with the impressive ingredients list they could have left out the extract. The peppers in it are enough to raise some serious heat. That aside there is nothing new here. A super hot that tastes great. If it wasn’t for the fact that this was for charity I would say that you can skip on this if you already have a super open in fridge. If you are looking for one though, you can’t beat it and the cause is great.

As for the field test – this one also found its way onto a wing. I only needed a small sample to get the idea of this sauce. Once I gave it a good try I went back to the Smart Ass sauce.

Hatari, habanero, scotch bonnet, peri peri, piquin, tepin, birds eye, cayenne peppers, natural African oleoresin, molasses, tomatoes, lemon, lime and ornge juice, vinegar, garlic, sea salt, onion, herbs, spices and honey.

Packaging 8/10 – good presentation
Aroma 8/10 – it smells hot but not chemical like
Appearance 8/10 – Sauce looks great – great texture – visible pieces
Taste 7/10 – Tastes wonderful for a super hot
Heat 10+/10 – 600K maybe not but it is up there – be careful

Overall 7.5/10 for the sauce
10/10 for the Concept

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