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Review: Green Bandit Basil Culinary Herb Sauce

Green Bandit Basil Culinary Herb Sauce

A close relative of the Basil Serrano Hot Sauce, this sauce has all the unique flavor of basil without the heat. Works great in the oven, on the grill, or in soups and salads. If you love basil, you’ll love this sauce!

Green Banditâ„¢ brand gourmet herb sauces provide all the benefits of fresh herbs without any of their limitations. They are made from fresh/frozen herbs and stabilized to be shelf stable requiring refrigeration only after opening. They are made of all natural, wholesome ingredients and contain no sugars, preservatives or colors. They are precut to small size while maintaining the identity of the herb and are blended with other herbs to make unique culinary experience.

The Green Bandit has struck again with another herb based sauce that will make your taste buds stand up and scream, yes! Green Bandit Basil Culinary Herb Sauce has zero heat, so you endorphin nuts can stop reading now if you like – but then again, it’s not a sauce that claims to have any heat and it shouldn’t. This sauce is all basil all the time. As the description says, if you like basil, you’ll love this sauce!

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Basil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Salt, Ginger, Olive Oil, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Garlic Powder, Xanthan Gum

Green Bandit Basil Culinary Herb Sauce The sauce itself isn’t very pretty. In fact, it’s quite ugly all by itself in the jar. But you can clearly see basil pieces floating around in the water & vinegar.
The smell is deceiving, as the first thing that hits your nostrils is the lemon juice. The aroma of lemon juice hits you like a shot of lemon juice in the eye. So right off the bat this sauce isn’t winning any awards from me with both it’s appearance and smell making me wonder why I even opened up the jar. But I soldiered on…

Green Bandit Basil Culinary Herb Sauce

Here we have some fresh sliced mozzarella with a touch of salt and pepper and a generous dab of the basil sauce. You can see that there is some separation of the basil from it’s water & vinegar base, but frankly I expected this sauce to completely fail when out of the jar. Surprisingly, the sauce encountered marginal separation and my spirits began to improve.

Green Bandit Basil Culinary Herb Sauce

I pulled out all the stops for this test, but left everything fairly simple so I could see how well this sauce would shine. Here we have the mozzarella seen previously, some sliced Italian loaf bread and fresh tomato cheddar soup. Perfect meal for a rainy day, wouldn’t you say?

Green Bandit Basil Culinary Herb Sauce

Now that my friends is a lot of [tag]basil[/tag]. But it’s sooo good. I admit it, after looking at this sauce and giving it the old smell test I was truly worried that my review would not end on a positive note – but that all went away the second I gave this sauce a taste. Spread on bread with a little butter, mixed into tomato soup or straight up on a slice of mozzarella this sauce stepped up to the plate and knocked a homerun with my taste buds.

This sauce is a great alternative to fresh basil in almost any situation. Why bother with getting fresh basil every time you need it when you can simply keep a jar of this handy for those emergency basil situations? Okay, maybe you don’t have as many emergency basil situations as one would think, but do yourself a favor and pick up a jar of Green Bandit’s Basil Culinary Sauce – your taste buds will thank you. And if your looking for a bit more heat but want that basily goodness, try out Green Bandit’s Basil Serrano Hot Sauce – another herb specific sauce that will stand up and make your taste buds take notice.

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