Posted October 29, 2006 by Anthony in Reviews

Review: Green Bandit Dill Culinary Herb Sauce

Green Bandit Culinary Dill Herb Sauce
Green Bandit Dill

Caption from the bottle:
“My Aunt has posted an all point bulletin for this sauce. This was the hardest recipe to get. She refused to write it down. Thanks to her parrot, who repeated the ingredients, I know have the recipe. This sauce tastes great on chicken. Be Creative and try it on everything”

Now my own personal culinary traits has limited Dill experience. So this was the perfect opportunity to hone my Dill skills. I knew there was no heat involved in this bottle so we are going to take that out of the equation. Upon first opening the seal, I was blasted with the unmistakable aroma of fresh dill. It has all the salivating qualities as vinegar and sour keys, but without the the acidity. There is something in that I find makes it so refreshing.

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Dill, Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, Orange Peel, Ginger, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Roasted Sesame Oil, Garlic Powder, Xanthan Gum

This sauce is watery, and filled, I mean jam packed with dill. It is amazing. I can picture some little European lady bottling this stuff with only good intentions for those who wish to eat it. Yes there is vinegar in here as a base but who cares.

Green Bandit Dill

I had a tough time trying to think of something to cook this with. So out comes the chicken breast and here comes the Dill marinade. Chicken is my standard field test for a marinade but I can think of so many other great uses for this. Seriously, this could be a salad dressing for all I care. There is no doubt of the attention and care that went into making this product.

I marinated some chicken breasts in this and I think every piece of dill found its way to the poultry. And it stuck like it was being possessed. I grilled it and I swear not a piece of dill removed itself form the meat. This marinade, is on a mission. A mission to please the palate of the discerning cook discriminate enough to embark on this dilliscious journey (ouch – I reached for that one).

If you want to try something totally off the beaten path Green Bandit’s Dill Culinary Sauce is a must try. Again, don’t expect any heat. Just mouthwatering dill flavour.

Packaging 8/10 – nice jar, not much info on it
Aroma 9/10 – mmmmmm fresh dill
Appearance 8/10 – refreshing green
Taste 9/10 – citrus, zesty, refreshing
Heat 0/10 – none, but who cares

Overall 8.8/10