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Review: Habanero Punch Hot Sauce

Habanero Punch Hot SauceNote: I hadn’t read John’s review of Habanero Punch before writing this because I knew I’d have to review it too.

Bottle Description: A delicious flavorful hot sauce that packs a sweet PUNCH! Don’t let the habanero worry you, HABANERO PUNCH is made with every pallet in mind. Finally a hot sauce
that wont knock out the flavor of tour food. Use just a dash for mild heat or pile it on for a T.K.O! Great with eggs, poultry, seafood, soups, dips, and of course your favorite cuisine! More than a condiment, it’s a LIFESTYLE!

Ingredients: White distilled vinegar, garlic, corn syrup, honey, roasted habanero peppers, kosher salt, liquid smoke, xantham gum, red and yellow food coloring

Container: That little Hab is pissed off about something. Maybe about being drawn really crappily. If you look close you’ll notice that he has flame tattoos. Luckily when I do the container review it never really hurts the score of the sauce I’m reviewing. The bottle looks gimmicky. It’s the kind of sauce I’d pass up if I saw it on the store shelves.

Appearance: Looks like BBQ sauce and honey with specks of black…something. I’m assuming those are the charred bits of roasted habanero. Yellowy and sticky looking.

Deep roasted aromas with honey and garlic. Sweet with a kick. Mmmm.

Consistency: No complaints. The flow you’d look for.

Habanero Punch Hot Sauce

Taste: Primarily all you really have is the taste of honey, garlic and vinegar vying for your taste bud’s attention. At first the sweetness of the honey and the garlic flavor come full force but soon peter out to the bitter depths of the much maligned vinegar. Fellas imagine this scenario. Your girlfriend or wife greets you from a long day of reviewing hot sauces at the office and she plants a big fat soft kiss on the cheek. “Awww I love you too hon,” you say quite happily. Then BAM she hits your recently smooched face with a bottle of Blair’s and accuses you of cheating on her. That’s the way this sauce operates, unexpected and jarring.

Heat: (7.4/10) The name should be Habanero Slap. It’s a reasonable level of heat but won’t challenge the vets.

Extreme specific application!
Field Test: Extreme specific application! There are two things that work very well with Habanero Punch: chicken and pork. When you add things like rice or bread to the mix it’s not as tasty. Stick with cuts of meat. Avoid eggs at all costs! If used incorrectly it will taste like McDonald’s sweet and sour sauce.

Final Word: If you’re willing to experiment and are patient I’m willing to bet that you can put this sauce to good use possible come to love it. However with its vinegary aftertaste it’s a hard sell.

Overall: 6.9/10.

Created and distributed by:
The Savory Hot Sauce Co.
Mariposa, CA 95338
Phone: (209) 742-5215
FAX: (209) 742-5216

Co-packed by:
Sauce Crafters, Inc.
Riviera Beach, FL