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Review: Heat Seeker Hot Sauce

Heat Seeker Hot Sauce

Heat Seeker Hot Sauce was the brain child of Todd Fite. As with most great ideas, necessity turned out to be the mother of invention. Todd originally developed a really [tag]hot sauce[/tag] to keep his college roommates from stealing all his food. He even put it in cheesecake and they finally got the message. But pure ‘heat’ wasn’t enough, Todd wanted taste to go with it. So he continued to tinker with the recipe inflicting pain on friends and family until he got it just right. Todd grows his own peppers and takes great pride in his sauce. His brother makes his own BBQ sauce, so sauces may be in the blood. Todd plans to continue to develop new sauces, including one with even more heat in the near future.

Ingredients: Vinegar, peppers, onion, garlic & smoke flavor.

Smell: Strong smokey aroma followed by the biting scent of vinegar.

Appearance: Good consistency within the sauce, little to no seperation after pouring. You can see in the picture below, there’s a good amount of seeds & other pepper pieces distributed throughout.

Heat Seeker Hot Sauce

Taste & Heat: Heat Seeker Hot Sauce has just that, a good amount of heat. The smoke flavor is strong enough to make me wish I tried the sauce on a steak instead of a burrito, but it did it’s job. The heat lingers for a good 5-10 minutes after consumption but it doesn’t really build. So the frontal heat carries through to the end – meaning it won’t get too much hotter the more you eat. Which is good for those of us out there that can kill a bottle in one sitting.

Suggested Improvements: More pepper flavor to balance out the vinegar & smoke. Otherwise excellent first sauce.

Conclusion: This is one smokey sauce that would be good on your morning eggs or evening steak. The heat I would say is a 5 (Comfortably medium) out of 10 – I could finish the bottle in one sitting but amatuers might have other issues. Also, Todd is in the process of making an even hotter sauce which is great news for us hot sauce pros.

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