Posted May 18, 2006 by Jim in Reviews

Review: Historic Lynchburg Habanero Hot Sauce

Historic Lynchburg Habanero Hot Sauce

Ingredients: Habanero and jalapeno peppers, vinegar, salt, spices, and Jack Daniel’s Black Label Whiskey.

Label: Habanero and Jack is HOTT! In their quest for the perfect hot sauce with a distinctive flavor to fire up their vittles, the old folks of Lynchburg realized a blend of hot peppers and local Tennesses whiskey was the answer. Our family is proud of this delicious hot sauce that’s great on sandwiches, meats, seafood, pizza, omelets, and in chili, soups, and salsa.

Historic Lynchburg Habanero Hot SauceAppearance: This sauce has a nice, dark color. It appears a little thin, and pours as such. Not a real looker, but the shape of the bottle helps to alleviate that concern!

Smell: This sauce has a wonderful smoky aroma, and the peppers give it a bit of bite.

Taste: This is a great sauce! The jalapeno/habanero flavor is great, with a bit of garlic and onion. The Jack is the icing on the cake, serving to escalate the melding of the flavors.

First, we tried the sauce on a Triscuit, for full effect. Though not very hot, it did tingle a bit. You very quickly get a rush of Jack to the nostrils, which is nice! Next, we tried it on a smoked pork poboy. The sauce totally accentuated the smokiness of the meat, bringing out even more flavor! It truly excelled on the poboy. I also tried it on some grilled chicken breasts, and it was good, but not quite the standout that it was on the sandwich.

Historic Lynchburg Habanero Hot Sauce

Conclusion: Man, that’s a good sauce! It would go great as an additive to (or instead of) your favorite barbecue sauce. The Jack really works well in this sauce! I was expecting it to stand out like a sore thumb, but it jumped in and played well with the rest of the sauce! Try it, you’ll like it!

4.6 out of 5