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Review: Historic Lynchburg Jalapeno Hot Sauce

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Jack Daniels Habanero Hot SauceToday was my favourite day of the week, Steak day! The only problem was to find a [tag]hot sauce[/tag] that would work with my steak, not against it. So proceeding to my stash, one sauce was destined to go on my steak, the bottle of Historic Lynchburg Jalapeño Hot Sauce.

Reading the label:
“Jalapeño and Jack is HOTT! In their quest for the perfect sauce with a distinctive flavour to fire up their vittles, the old folks of Lynchburg realized a blend of hot peppers and local Tennessee whiskey was the answer. Our family is proud of this delicious hot sauce that’s great on sandwiches, Meats, seafood, pizza, omelettes and in chilli, soups and sauces.”

Now, usually a jalapeño sauce is a no-no on my steak, but this bottle was different”¦it wasn’t green! I inspected further by checking out the ingredients,

Ingredients: Jalapeño & Cayenne peppers, vinegar, salt, spices, and Jack Daniel’s Black Label Whiskey

Jack Daniels Habanero Hot SauceSo instead of the traditional jalapeño and tomatillo based sauce we are given a mix of jalapeño and cayenne peppers. Upon opening the bottle I could smell the cayenne peppers with a hint of mesquite flavour but not the jalapeño’s, which at this point I thought the name of the sauce should be changed.

I began pouring this sauce on a piece of cheese to see the consistency of the sauce and it was an easy pour with even distribution. The flakes of peppers and the spices could be seen from a mile away, because the sauce was chock full of them! The taste on the cheese made for a good experience and at this point I knew I had one lucky steak.

Jack Daniels Habanero Hot Sauce

I continued my adventure with my steak coating it liberally in the JD [tag]Jalapeno[/tag] sauce and all I could say is wow. This was the perfect blend of jalapeño and cayenne peppers. It produced a sauce that did not have an overpowering jalapeño taste, but unfortunately the JD seemed almost non-existent. However I’m sure what was there helped produce that mouth-watering taste. My steak did not even have a chance; it was gone in five minutes along with the potatoes and cabbage that were mixed in with some leftover sauce. This sauce is a must for anyone who loves cayenne peppers or just a touch of jalapeño. I would definitely purchase this bottle again, and hope one day they produce it in a regular sized Jack bottle because drinking it straight out of this one won’t last too long!

Appearance ““ 9.5/10 ““ Who wouldn’t want a mini Jack bottle?
Aroma ““ 7/10
Consistency ““ 9/10 ““ Uniform & easy to pour (Like JD)
Heat ““ 5/10 ““ Nice after-kick
Taste ““ 8.4/10 ““ Ideal blend of peppers

Overall ““ 8.3/10

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Historic Lynchburg Jalapeno Hot Sauce
Lynchburg Merchandise Co.
P.O. Box 8007, Lynchburg TN 37352

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