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Review: Hot Wachula’s Peach Hot Sauce

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Initial Thoughts: I am sitting at school and my students are out. I’d been dishing out some Blair’s Cajun Chips to my students and faculty and to my pleasure they are actually trying them! I was afraid that last time the Ass Kickin’ Honey Roasted Peanuts coated with Dave’s Insanity Sauce and topped with Sponanteous Combusion Red Savina powder may have made them a little cautious when I am on the lookout for new chilihead volunteers. They keep coming back to me like all little young wannabe chiliheads do!

I am thinking “Hmmm what can I make for dinner tonight?” I wanted to do something fruity since I am in that fruity kind of mood. I recently tried a new extract sauce in the form of Monty’s Death Lizard. I wanted to do something different than the usual tacos with extract and/or pizza with Marie Sharp’s. I decided I will go with steamed chicken and broccoli and a side of brown rice. Call me Mr. Health Conscious. Well it is kind of bland so I decided I will try Hot Wachula’s Hot Peach Sauce on it. I am really excited about this product because it is my 1st one from the Wachula company as well as my 1st peach hot sauce! I have had a few fruity sauces now and I am thinking that a peach one will be something that I enjoy very much. I have had a few pineapple and mango hot sauces but this is as far as I have gone with fruit. I am thinking that this is going to be one great tasting sauce but with not that much heat, which is always not a bad thing, even for a maniac as myself.

Ingredients: Vinegar, Lime Juice, Water, Chopped Tomatoes, Peaches, Onions, Brown Sugar, Habanero Peppers, Jalapenos, Red Peppers, Olive Oil, Fresh Cilantro, Garlic and Spices. All natural no preservatives

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Visual: Hot Wachula’s Peach Sauce comes in a standard industrial 5 oz. bottle. The label is a dark peach reddish/orangey color that has the title in white font. Below the title is a juicy looking peach with a stem. The back of the label says, “Sweet and Spice and everything nice. That’s what good hot sauces are made of, and that’s how we made this one. Try it on chicken wings and seafood. Add a splash to your chili. Try it on pork chops or your favorite sandwich. We’ve already used our imagination- now it’s your turn!” The sauce looks really good and flavorful being a dark orange color with some brown sugar added in. I do see some pepper and tomato pulp which is always a great thing for those of you who like a sauce to be versatile. Pepper seeds are seen in the sauce which to me is such a great turn on. I would have liked a somewhat better approach to the label. It would have been cool to see some chicks running around the volleyball courts on the beaches jiggling their PEACHES but Wachula’s is marketing this sauce for the general public it seems 🙂 Overall, based on appearance I am thinking this is a bottle I will consume in one meal. I am even thinking that after my steamed chicken and broccoli dinner, I might want to put some on ice cream or maybe on a waffle for breakfast. (lol)

Aroma: Well I am excited now and with this sauce a few simple twists and turns are all that is needed before opening it up. No vigorous shaking is required with this hot sauce. I open the cap and I swear I had to use channel-locks on this thing! The cap wouldn’t open! I began to get scared, lol. I am no Mr. Atlas or anything along those lines, but man I am thining Wachula’s is into making their customers get exercise or something! I got the cap open and mainly was able to smell tomatoes and lime juice. This sauce reminds me of Batch #114 by Original Juan. I did smell a few peppers but nothing that really stood out as to say “Hey there is the habanero, or jalapeno, etc.” There is a somewhat fruity aroma if you breathe it in very deeply as I did.

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Look at this beauty! No this isn’t Sesame Chicken, or General Tso’s Sauce. It’s Wachula’s Hot Peach Sauce. The entire bottle of sauce on the steamed chicken and broccoli is only 87 calories as compared to the enormous amount that would be the case if it was prepared from a chinese restaurant. No MSG or Fats either!

Application: This sauce was used directly on steamed chicken and broccoli. As you can tell I did go through the entire bottle! There goes my ice cream idea :-(. On the 1st piece of chicken I had I tasted a decent amount of sweety rich flavor! Very fruity, a little heat, and great peach flavor after having a piece of broccoli with a good amount of it on it. The flavor was so good I dumped the entire bottle on to the dish! Both the taste of the pepper and peach is a great combination! There is a decent amount of the tomato taste which is the only negative, at least to me. There is no bad aftertaste whatsoever. This sauce is so good you could probably add a little olive oil to it and use it as a marinade! What a great item to have. What will I use now for my rice? I decided I would have to go with someone a little more dangerous. I used CaJohns Fatalli Select Puree.

Final Thoughts: I am going to say if you haven’t tried this sauce you must! The flavor is great. To have a sweet sauce that can be used as a marinade, topping, or cooking ingredient is something everyone deserves in their kitchens. I am really looking forward to trying more of Wachula’s Products for the future. The combination of ingredients is just perfect with this sauce to be used as an everyday product. Personally I might have gone with a few more peppers instead of the tomatoes, but that is just me. If you are looking for something with more heat though you have to go to something else. This sauce will not make you sweat in anyway. It is so good though in flavor that I am spooning out the liquidy portion, on the bottom of the steamed chicken and broccoli, and eating that. This sauce can be used on a waffle or pancakes or any other type of desert you have of in mind! Wachula’s Peach is for you! You may like it so much you might just want to purcahse it by the case!

Packaging 8/10
Aroma 8/10
Taste 9/10
Appearance 9/10
Heat 4/10

Overall 8/10

Hot Wachula’s
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