Posted October 22, 2007 by Justin in Reviews

Review: Hotternell’s Blueberry Hot Sauce

I’m not a huge blueberry fan, and I’m not a huge fan of mixing sweet and spicy foods together either, so its not really that I wasn’t expecting this sauce to be good, but I wasn’t expecting it to be something that I personally would enjoy. I wrote to Mike from www.hotternell.com with a question about his other sauce that I reviewed, and let him know that I was also reviewing this one. In his response he informed me that he uses the blueberry sauce on chicken, pork, samosas (Indian veggie pockets), pancakes, and ice cream to name a few.

I decided to go with the obvious choice and bought some vanilla ice cream on my way home from work. I almost went with pancakes though, because that is one food that I like blueberries with. I opened it and took a whiff, and it smelled slightly of red savinas, but mostly like fresh blueberries, not the artificial blueberry flavor you get with most store bought sauces, that everybody knows is blueberry but there’s a big difference between that and fresh. I poured it onto my ice cream and their where chunks of blueberries in it. I tried this sauce both on the ice cream, and also on a spoon to get a better taste of the sauce by itself. On the spoon you could taste the red savinas, but it is definitely sweeter than it is spicy, and on the ice cream the hotness of the peppers is there for only a second before it is smothered out by the ice cream. It really does enhance the flavor of the blueberries, the same way that some people put chili powder in there hot chocolate.

Muso's Blueberry Hot Sauce

This sauce also has lemon and lime in it, and there flavor don’t really stand out, but like the peppers is just there to enhance the blueberries, between the lemon, lime, blueberries, and red Savina habanero peppers you have a sauce that hits on every taste bud and don’t leave you craving any other type of food afterwards to balance out the meal. I ate all the ice cream and absolutely loved it. I know that most people would mark this sauce down because it is a specific application sauce, but I don’t have a problem with that, if there is a sauce that is perfect for one certain food, I will buy it just for that food. I’m sure some of you buy hot chocolate for your ice cream, do you ever stop and think “well its great on ice cream, but it really wouldn’t go good with pizza or chicken”. No, you just buy it for what it is good with.

Muso's Blueberry Hot Sauce

If it makes more sense, don’t consider it a hot sauce but an ice cream topping instead. That being said I don’t think this sauce is really that limited anyway, I am planning on buying more, and a few ideas I have for it are mixing it in a smoothie, on cheese cake, pancakes since that was my second choice, and on some angel food cake (probably with ice cream on the side and the whole plate covered in blueberry sauce). I’m also willing to try it on some pork, but I’m iffy about chicken though.

Buying info: www.hotternell.com

Ingredients: Red Savina habanero pepper, blueberries, sugar, lemon, lime, starch, guar gum, spices.

Smell: 8/10

Heat: 4.5/10, although the heat only lasts a second in each bite before the ice cream kills it, it leaves your lips burning a little after the bowl is empty.

Taste: 10/10 this stuff was delicious, I cant wait to try the raspberry.

Price: its definitely worth the 6.95 he sells it for.

Consistency/thickness: no complaints about this one, 10/10

Overall: 9.5/10 I really loved this stuff, and will be buying more soon.