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Review: Illegal Alien Hot Sauce Review

Illegal Alien Hot Sauce

This sauce came to me with high expectations. Expectations that were more hype than actual proof. So instead of listening to the hype, I put this in the pantry for a bit and decided to give it a chance to find the right opportunity to rear its extra terrestrial head.

The bottle didn’t help me out much. The only contact info was a web-site www.superspicy.com, no ingredients”¦”¦.perhaps this could be an earlier edition of the Illegal Alien Sauce. What perplexed me was the reference to Iceberg Lettuce. Not sure if this there just because or if there is hidden meaning behind it.

Ingredients: Vinegar, Cayanne peppers, Lemon Juice, Salt, Garlic, Spices

As far as looks go, this looks good. A bit watery, but then again, watery doesn’t have to hurt a sauce. The liquid itself is a healthy shade of red and there are skins and particles floating around (alien particles perhaps?!).

I was going to try and breakdown the ingredients list (which I was quite close to) but I found it on the www.superspicy.com website:

Made in a Southwestern Style with a bold pepper/vinegar base, with a citrusy lemon zing and hints of cilantro, hatch chili, and a perfect blend of herbs and spices. Makes a fantastic wing sauce too!!!!

I gave a generous dose on some mac n’ chesse and it was incredible. It is no doubt bold with a hefty vinegar kick but the overall taste is quite tangy with medium heat to it.

I won’t say this is the best cayenne sauce I have tried but it is right up there. Like the web-site said it would be great on wings and I can definitely see this. It would also be a perfect pizza topper. This is the type of sauce that should replace any Frank’s or big chain cayenne sauce as it has the right attitude and a decent amount of heat for those who still want to play it safe.

I have yet to try their jerky yet, but from the reputation for jerky I can see why the quality of this sauce is so high. There may have been some retooling of this sauce since I received it but if anything it would most likely go up from here. Good Stuff!!

Packaging 7/10 ““ Not sure what is going on here but it is not bad
Aroma 5/10 ““ Vinegar, peppers, citrusy
Appearance 6/10 ““ very watery, noticeable peppers pieces, nice red colour
Taste 8/10 ““ Tangy in your face cayenne sauce that fairs better than most
Heat 5/10 ““ MildMedium at best ““ as it claims to be and should be

Overall 7.7/10 ““ Worth a shot for those moving up the ranks from generic cayenne sauces

Penrod Pepper Products &
Super Spicy.com
Mesa, Arizona