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Review: Illegal Alien Hot Sauce

Illegal Alien Hot Sauce
Illegal Alien Hot Sauce

Ingredients: Vinegar, Cayanne peppers, Lemon Juice, Salt, Garlic, Spices

Sitting down to do my first [tag]Hot Sauce[/tag] review…..
This should be easy I do this almost every day, but just for me in my head! Now I can share it with the world!

I love the Label on the Illegal Alien Sauce, This was the Lawn Mower release, but I had been sent a “tasting bottle” so I wouldn’t have to open the signed and numbered offering. Nice use of colors, Funny theme, that must be one fast lawn mower with the flame paint job! There is also a version with a Lettuce Picker and one with a Leaf Blower. The next release voted on by you the Hot Sauce Blog Readers will be: “Alien building a brick wall in front of the barbed wire fence”
The bottle doesn’t describe much about whats going to be inside other than “Hot Sauce”

First I opened the bottle and smelled the sauce, It had a mild peppery smell with a hint of vinegar. It smelled like a Franks Red Hot or Durkee sauce.

Illegal Alien Hot Sauce

Poured a little out onto a plate to check the consistency. It was thicker than your average [tag]cayenne[/tag] [tag]Pepper[/tag] sauce, but still on the thin side. It had little bits of stuff in it and had a nice rich red color.

Next was the straight taste test. First flavor I got was the salt then a hint of Lemon or lime and black pepper, it wasn’t particularly hot, the kind of sauce you could pour on just about anything.

I decided to try it out on an Egg Sandwich, so I made some scrambled eggs with a slice of cheese and toasted half a bagel. I poured a good amount of the sauce on the bagel and then put the egg and cheese on top. I like the sauce under my eggs.

Illegal Alien Hot Sauce

Illegal Alien Hot Sauce

The sauce was a nice complement to the eggs and cheese, not too hot, but after I was done I had a nice little tingle going on, nothing requiring a beverage or an antidote. It is comparable to your Franks or Durkee Red Hot only thicker and more flavorfull, definitly a whole world above your average Cayenne sauce, only drawback was it was a tad salty. I think this sauce would be a absolute killer on chicken wings, take buffalo wings to another level!

Packaging 9/10
Appearance 9/10
Taste 6/10
Heat 4/10
Overall Rating 7/10

I talked with Jack Penrod and he told me the Illegal Alien Sauce was going to get a little tweaking for the next release with more Cilantro, Lemon and cutting back on the salt.

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