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Review: Jackson’s Awesome Peppered Teriyaki Beef Jerky

Jackson’s Awesome Peppered Teryaki Beef Jerky

Jackson's Awesome Peppered Teriyaki Beef Jerky

Like most of us here, I scour eBay hunting for those elusive collectors items, well the ones I can afford and don’t have to sell my car to buy it. There are so many items listed under the “Hot Sauce” search, inculding enough sexy lingerie to keep a strip club hopping for a full year! But I have found a little treasure hidden between the sequined D-cups and hot pants. Jackson’s Arizona Chili Company and their Awesome Peppered Teriyaki Beef [tag]Jerky[/tag], if you are a fan of Jerky then you will enjoy this one very much. Jackson’s Jerkys are sold primarily from the eBay store the Arizona Pepper Company, owned and operated by Jack Penrod and his family.

“We have been making this a custom batch for many of our regular customers for a while now, it is our #2 selling jerky. As with the habanero, we only use the best London Broil, never round steak or roast.”

“This jerky is marinated in a vacuum for 24 hours minimum to acheive deep, rich teriyaki flavor. It is dried as normal, but lightly peppered with “pizza” type crushed red pepper. Fantastic, SWEET with a little HEAT.”

“Perfect for those of you that don’t like the flaming hot habanero, just a touch of spice.”

Jackson's Awesome Peppered Teriyaki Beef Jerky

Though I love Jerky, I can’t say I’m an expert. I know you can get a dry batch of the massed produced styles from time to time and I have tried both locals and some home-mades, with mixed reviews. What I do know is there is nothing worse than fighting through what can only be compared to something inbetween cardboard and shoe leather. Chewing and chewing until your head throbs in pain and you get a lock-jaw muscle cramp, leaving no option but spitting the crap out. We’ve all been there. Jack from the Arizona Pepper Company really nails it with this Jerky, Jackson’s Awesome Peppered Teriyaki made from cuts of London Broil is moist and full of flavor. “We only make this jerky once a week as ordered. This is vacuum packed as soon as it cools to maintain freshness.”

Jackson's Awesome Peppered Teriyaki Beef Jerky

The sweet Teriyaki smell jumps right out at you when you rip into the package and brings along a little savory dried pepper aroma with it, they go well together and it gets your mouth watering right away. The first taste is the quick sweetness of the Teriyaki on the tip of your tongue, and it pleasantly fills your mouth as you chew. The flavor is well absorbed throughout each piece of Jerky and you’ll find yourself devouring it pretty quickly. I found myself shoving it into my mouth as fast as I could and actually growled at Wendy when she reached in for piece. Easy…. I gave her a piece, just one though. She found it to be hot, the Jerky is covered in beautiful Pepper Flakes that gives it a slow rising medium to mild heat level. A nice warm burn on your tongue that stays around a little bit, its good.

Conculsion: One of the more popular flavorings for Beef Jerky is Teriyaki and for good reason, it tastes good. Well the Arizona Chili Company ups the ante (Jack is a semi-pro poker player) by adding the Dried Pepper Flakes to give his Jerky some nice heat. Not to hot and full of flavor you can’t go wrong with Jackson’s Awesome Peppered Teriyaki Beef Jerky – Don’t fold on this hand.

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