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Review: Jackson’s Red Death in the Desert Hot Sauce

Jackson’s Signature Series Red Death in the Desert Red Savina Hot Sauce

I’ve discovered that choosing the right hot sauce for breakfast is critical, one wrong choice and the rest of my day is marred by unhappy tastebuds. So on a Sunday morning when I planned to try out a new omlette pan, I opted to make a skillet mix and took great care in considering my morning hot sauce. I dug through a box of sauces that were so generously donated to the HSB and within the wide selection of hot sauces I came across a bottle of Jackson’s Red Death in the Desert Hot Sauce. Having read the two previous reviews of the Death in the Desert Hot Sauce, I knew I could expect a well rounded sauce, but I was not completely prepared for what was to come.

Ingredients: Red Savina Habaneros, Tomatoes, Vinegar, Garlic, Onion, Salt, Herbs and Spices.

Smell & First Taste: Holy red savinas batman! That about says it all. The red savinas are the only thing I can taste and smell from this sauce, which is a good thing. 100% red savina pepper flavor. The straight taste test didn’t set off too many bells and whistles with the heat alarm, which was a bit odd but then again, I didn’t try an entire spoonful of it – just a dash on the tongue.

Jackson's Red Death In the Desert Hot sauce

On Food: As I mentioned, I created a nice skillet mix with sausage, potatoes red & green peppers, onions & scrambled eggs. Topped all that off with a bit of shredded white cheddar cheese and presto, you’ve got a brilliant Sunday breakfast/brunch. The of course I covered the entire plate with a generous helping of Jackson’s Red Death in the Desert.

Within a few bites, I finally began to realize the full heat potential of this sauce. Then, suddenly, I was starting to sweat and the nose began to run – brilliant! I caught my breath a few times before polishing of breakfast and the burn lingered for a good 10-15 minutes afterwards (with no liquids).

Jackson's Red Death In the Desert Hot sauce

Conclusion: Arizona Jack has yet another solid hot sauce on his hands. If your looking for a hotter then normal habanero hot sauce without that added extract flavor, then Jackson’s Red Death in the Desert Hot Sauce won’t disappoint. It’s a great sauce with a pure Red Savina Pepper flavor and not much more. I could see using this sauce on just about anything – I’m going to try it out on some Mexican food next, that is if the bottle lasts that long!

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