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Review: Jailhouse Fire Hot Sauce

Jailhouse Fire Hot Sauce

Jailhouse Fire Hot Sauce was first mentioned here on the HSB back in 2005 and it wasn’t until the Fiery Foods show in 2007 where I met Allen Boatman did I get a chance to give Jailhouse Fire a try. As the director of horticulture at the Falkenburg Road Jail in Brandon, Florida, Allen has been working with inmates to create Jailhouse Fire since 2003. First public production was made available in 2005 – when the story first hit the world wide AP wire. The recipe has been revised twice since the original version was released and the label has also undergone a few revisions, with the current label being designed by an ad company.

Jailhouse Fire Hot Sauce

Ingredients: About 200+ varieties of hot peppers (mostly capsicum chinense), Myers lemon, Italian herbs, garlic, mustard, mango, salt, citric acid, vinegar, water, xantham gum. (not exact ingredients)

I decided to try Jailhouse Fire on a Saturday morning chili cheese omelet – while the chili had a good bit of heat, the Jailhouse Fire added a wealth of flavor. With the number of peppers in Jailhouse Fire it’s hard to distinguish any one in particular, but the good news is that they all blend together to create a well balanced pepper sauce. The vinegar & citric acid proved a balance to the peppers and creates a sauce with a zing of flavor.

Jailhouse Fire Hot Sauce
Good Consistency – check out the seasonings inside

Jailhouse Fire Hot Sauce
Up close look at the spices inside

Jailhouse Fire Hot Sauce
On an egg sandwich later that week

Jailhouse Fire is a true all purpose hot sauce – it’s mild and flavorful. I’ve taken the bottle with me everywhere in the last few weeks and it goes on everything. If you’re looking for a sauce that you can trust and not have to worry about ruining your food – go with a bottle (or a case) of Jailhouse Fire. It’s a sauce that I’m going to give a permanent place in my fridge and on the collector’s shelf – the label is great and the sauce inside is even better.

To Order: Email Allen
Cost: $7 a bottle – available in single or case orders (but no wholesale)

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