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Review: Jersey Boyz Habanero Dusted Beef Jerky

Jersey Boyz Habanero Dusted Beef Jerky

Another fine jerky creation from Jersey Boyz Jerky, this Habanero Dusted version of jerky becomes the 3rd jerky in the Jersey Boyz line up. I reviewed the Extra Spicy version just after Zest Fest and Doug was kind enough to send me a sample of his latest project just before the Fiery Foods Show.

Jersey Boyz Habanero Dusted Beef Jerky

If you remeber the close up shots of the Extra Spicy, it was covered in large chunks of dried habaneros. Those warned you right off the bat of the potential heat level of the jerky. The Habanero Dusted version sports just what looks to be a light dusting of habanero seasoning and little more. Just by eyeballing it, I’d say this would be medium hot. But in fact, it’s hotter then the Extra Spicy version according to Doug.

And as with all Jersey Boyz Jerky, it comes with a flossy toothpick in each bag – now that’s really thinking. In fact, if someone showed me two unlabeled bags of jerky and one had a flossy toothpick, I’d choose that one everytime. It just makes sense and I know that Jersey Boyz had to fight long and hard in order to get the legal approval to include them, so a big thank you to them!

Jersey Boyz Habanero Dusted Beef Jerky

This batch of Habanero Dusted Beef Jerky was a little dry. My jaw started to hurt after the first piece. However that didn’t stop me from chowing down on the second piece, that’s for sure. All jerky is supposed to be dry, but at a certain point, that dry becomes tough. The one thing that saved the jerky (or rather my jaw) was that the habanero dust made me salivate more then normal and that softened the jerky quicker. So within 2 bites I had a mouthful of habanero goodness.

This is not an over the top heat infested jerky, it’s more of a long tail heat that begins to build as you work through it. It’ll make your tastebuds & heat receptors stand up and take notice, but won’t send them running for cover. Since it’s supposed to be hotter then the extra spicy version, I was expecting a bit more heat upfront but I expect that to evolve in future batches.

All in all, this is another excellent jerky offering from Jersey Boyz. And store owners, take advantage of their discounts at the Fiery Foods Show: 10% off any order placed at the show & buy 5 cases get 8 free bags. HSBers, you can pick up a bag for yourself to try for only $4 – just tell Doug (aka the truth) that the HSB sent you. He’s promised to be nice 😉

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