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Review – Johny 5 Hot Sauce from Threatcon Kitchens

Johny 5 Hot Sauce from Threatcon KitchensUsually I’m amped up about sauces and products that are a little off-kilter in their approach or are a tiny bit out of left field. It’s often that these subtle (or big) differences that make a sauce exciting and unique, especially when it’s able to stand out from the crowds of thousands of copycat flavor enhancers.

Here comes along an item called Johny 5 Sauce, a product distributed by Threatcon Kitchens, Inc. (And, no, it’s not referring to that stupid robot movie from the 1980s.) It states on its label that it is “derived from Jamai-Jun influences, combining spicy Cajun and smooth Jamaican rum to get your taste buds tingling”. It also boasts components such as habanero peppers, guajillo peppers, ginger, wasabi and olive oil, this could get interesting. Very Interesting. And that’s not a “polite” way of dismissing something away that I don’t want to discuss; I was genuinely intrigued.

Well, let’s not lollygag around anymore…let’s get to the review!

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