Posted February 8, 2007 by Anthony in Reviews

Review: Jumpin Johnny’s Hot Sauce

Jumpin' Johnny's Hot Sauce

When this sauce came in I had to give it a double check. I wasn’t sure whether it was a sauce commissioned by an independent person by a big manufacturer or vice versa. Turns out is the latter. Jumpin Johnny had Que Pasa bottle and label this sauce. And it is a good thing what Jumpin Johnny has done here. Let’s take a closer look at all the good things JJ has done:

1) 12.8oz bottle
2) Commercially available (at least in B.C.)
3) Damn good sauce

Usually when I see a sauce come in such a big bottle I think two things. One it is a sauce so bad that they literally want to force feed the masses into thinking a big bottle at a low price point is good value for the money. Two it is a quasi-semi BBQ sauce that has schizophrenia and lost its way due to amnesia. The other thing this is sauce needs is a better label. All that room to do something and the only thing that is there is the name and a pepper.

JJ Hot sauce here is thicker than your average sauce. But due to the size of the opening of the bottle it still pours out easily. The sauce is well textured, clings well, and looks fabulous. You can see the flecks of ingredients. The aroma is straight ahead vinegar cayenne, but it has more character than most due to the suspended particles that waft up and tickle the nose hairs along with the vinegar.

Ingredients: Aged Cayenned Peppers, vinegars, water, spices, seasonings, salt (sulphites).

Jumpin' Johnny's Hot Sauce

I have been on a big wing bender lately and this seemed to be a perfect pairing. If any of you have had Wing Machine’s suicide sauce, you can use that as a reference point. Only this is much better. Take that tangy vinegar bite but add some class to it as well as a respectable amount of heat from the cayenne. It definitely induces that drool effect and liberal douses are recommended. Good thing for the big size bottle.

It would have been nice if this packed some extra heat. But for what you are getting here it is a great sauce. If I am out of one of my favourite wing sauce I will have no problem using this as a substitute. I don’t want to tout this as a wing sauce as the applications are wide and varied. From eggs, to pizza, to hamburgers. You can really make this bottle go along way. Great stuff here!

Packaging 3/10 ““ Pretty bland for a sauce so bold
Aroma 8/10 ““ Tangy, fresh, bright
Appearance 8/10 ““ lots of spices visible, nice red/orange glow
Taste 8/10 ““ Excellent Cayenne sauce that can holds its own against the best of them
Heat 4/10 ““ heat enhanced by vinegar ““ still medium at best

Overall 7.9/10 ““ all around a very good cayenne sauce

Produced For Jumpin’ Johnny’s
North Vancouver, B.C.

Distributed by:
Que Pasa Mexican Foods
12031 No. 5 Road
Richmond. B.C.
V7A 4E9

Phone: 604-241-8175
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