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Review: Lagrimas Del Diablo Hot Sauce

Baby That’s Hot – Lagrimas Del Diablo
Lagrimas Del Diable Hot sauce

Ingredients: Red wine vinegar, peppers, garlic, salt, spices.

Description: Spanish for “Tears of the Devil“. Almost every ingredient in it is naturally red. The result is a rich, traditional hot sauce with a hint of sweet. Great on Mexican, eggs, and beef.

Container: Baby food container is a plus!

Smell: The peppers and garlic are here. They’re here! I think they’re here. I can’t tell with the overwhelming vinegar smell.

Consistency: Watery. This sauce could use a bit of starch to give it more viscosity. It the kind of sauce that gets all over the place.

Taste: The taste fares a little better than the smell. The vinegar is still pretty egregious and wraps its sour mitts on the pepper and spice flavors. The taste is there but the vinegar can be like a big roadblock to deliciousness.

Heat: (7.2/10) A tad bit on the tongue. A more throaty burn.

Field Test: Follow the description on the jar, follow the theme of the sauce name. Go Mexican all the way. I couldn’t find any meat it was good with but it worked pretty well on a big chicken burrito. It’s also good with Wheat Thins.

Final Word: A sour red sauce with hidden potential.

Overall: 6.4/10

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