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Review: Lava Extreme by Loco Luna Gourmet Foods

Loco Luna Extreme Hot SauceWell, here it is my friends, my first official review. This is so exciting!!!! After spending many hours on HSB and meeting several new friends here, I happened to come across a man by the name of Brian from Loco Luna Gourmet Foods. We struck up a conversation and I heard a lot about this new ‘extreme’ he had just put out. I got him to send me a couple of bottles that he so kindly signed for me. Around that same time, I received a package from Nick with the Loco Luna Extreme for me to review. I was excited yet kind of reserved to try this because of a new friendship. So, opening the bottle and taking a quick whiff I knew I was in for a special treat!!!

Before I ever read a label I will give a sauce a good sniff to see what I am in for and then a taste to see if I can pick out the flavors and check my senses with the label.

The first smell that jumps out to me is the Worcestershire sauce, followed by a slight, sweet, peppery smell. This sauce screams EAT ME as soon as you open the cap. It definitely excited the nostrils and got the mouth watering for a taste.

Habanero and other chili peppers, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, cane juice, lime juice, salt, vinegar, tomato sauce, capsicum extract and other herbs and spices

Pours out good, a little runny but has a lot of chunks of the good stuff so it looks quite good. Easily covers the food and mops up well with a chicken finger.

Loco Luna Extreme

Dear Brian, thank you for developing this nectar of the gods. This is totally my kind of sauce. The Worcestershire definitely shines here with a gradual warm up of heat and flavors. The next thing that shines through is an ever so slight sweet flavor and then the spices. I took several bare tastes of the sauce with no food just to enjoy the flavors I was experiencing.

After finishing off my first plateful of chicken fingers I HAD to get some more. I could not get enough of this sauce. In about 2 min I had about 1/2 the bottle gone. Loco Luna Extreme was also excellent on cheese as well as some left over hamburger meat!!!

ME Want More!!! After this goes to press, I will be ordering up the whole series of this wonderful sauce. Maybe for some of the extreme chili heads it will probably not have enough heat but I think I just tested one of my new top 5 sauces!! Nice job!

OVERALL RATING: 9.5 out of 10

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